From breaking the bedframe to the dog walking in, couples reveal the funniest moodkillers to happen during sex

From pets walking in half-way through to hilariously awkward bodily functions, people are sharing the funniest moodkillers to interrupt them during the throes of passion… and trust us when we say no amount of rose petals could salvage these situations.

Kicking off the discussion on Reddit, one anonymous user relayed the first time she'd slept with her boyfriend.

She wrote: "Partner at the time was a virgin and I wasn't. He was extremely shy and tentative so I told him that 'it's ok, you're not going to break anything.'

"One trust and BANG. We feel the wheel snap off my wooden bedframe."

Sounds like she spoke too soon.

Meanwhile, another amused user recalled how she "had sex with someone who literally drooled on me."

Yes, you read that correctly.

Adding some much-needed context to the less-than-romantic scenario, the woman added: "In his defence, he has allergies and his head was stuffed up a bit.

"He was breathing a lot through his mouth and it just kind of happened. It shocked the hell out of both of us."

Luckily for him, the woman saw the funny side and while "he looked absolutely mortified", she admits she "couldn't stop laughing."

Talk about a very lucky escape.

Proving that you should always lock the door before jumping in the sack, one couple were left traumatised by their dog's sudden appearance halfway through things.

She wrote: "One time I thought  I had closed the door but my dog is super smart and got it open. He trotted up to the bed and gave my boyfriend's foot a quick lick.

"He was so startled he yelled 'WTF WHY' and the dog, feeling guilty, came to where I was laying and tried to get forgiveness strokes by shoving at my arm. I was wheezing with laughter."

But it's not only faithful hounds who wreaked havoc in the bedroom.

Another user described her funny moodkiller as the moment when her "boyfriend's cat tried to jump onto the desk, landed on a tennis racket that was precariously placed, and hilariously tumbled to the floor.

"The cat and I had made eye contact; I couldn't breathe for a minute."

Adding their CATastrophic story into the mix (sorry not sorry), one user revealed how her "kitten decided my husband's man parts were particularly fun and decided to attack them in the middle of it."

Luckily the husband got off injury-free but they "couldn't help ourselves from laughing after it happened."

But this couple weren't the only ones left in fits of laughter when their beloved cat decided to crash their alone time.

Another anonymous user wrote: "While having sex in missionary, the cat jumped onto his back, settled down and took a nap.

"Ruined orgasms and teary laughter ensued."

And that is the very definition of a very awkward cat nap…

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