From $3,000 Facials to Full-Body Glow-Getters, How Stars Prep Their Skin for the Biggest Red Carpets of the Year

The Americans star glowed at the Golden Globes with the help of Dr. David Colbert‘s $800 Triad facial, which combines microdermabrasion, laser toning and a chemical peel for super-smooth, glowing skin – which was the perfect palette for her glam glimmering disco eyeshadow.

After visiting facialist Biba de Sousa for a customized regimen that included an oxygenating treatment and red light therapy to stimulate collagen production, she followed up with at-home products that included the pro’s Plant Stem Peptide Serum, Calming Sulfur Zinc Mask used as a spot treatment and Onerta Antioxidant Hand & Body Lotion (the latter being essential to the variety of skin-baring ensembles she rocked at the Grammys).

The amount of prep that goes into getting celebrity faces flashbulb-ready is no joke – just ask skincare guru Sonya Dakar, who sends stars to her “Beauty Bootcamp.” Before the SAG Awards, Sophia Bush got the pro’s Sculpting Facial, comprised of lasers and Sonia’s “signature sculpting technique to physically manipulate and contour the face, neck and jawline,” which clocks in at $3,000.

It’s not just stars’ faces that will be captured by the cameras, so some stars opt for massages designed to give them a full-body glow. Pre-SAG Awards, Constance visited Joanna Vargas‘ salon for the $245 Lymphatic Drainage Full Body Massage, said to activate the body’s lymphatic system to flush out toxins and decrease puffiness, and the $550 Triple Crown Facial, a celeb favorite for its electric current stimulation meant to depuff, define and sculpt.

It makes sense than an Oscars frontrunner like Regina would want to achieve “red carpet radiance,” – and that happens to be the name of the $198 treatment she got from Arcona. Ahead of the Golden Globes, she stopped into the brand‘s Beverly Hills studio to experience the brightening facial that also included a hand, eye and lip treatment and oxygen spray.

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