Everyone is always so complimentary of my ‘sister’ & say she’s hotter than me – they can never work out what’s going on | The Sun

A WOMAN has amazed internet users by showing off her youthful mum – but everyone said they could pass for sisters.

Mischa shared a dancing video with her very glamorous mum and people were quick to praise the duo.

In a video on her @mdogzzz account, Mischa explained how she was born in 2005 but her mum is actually 22 years older and was born in 1983.

The clip has racked up over 200,000 likes and people gushed over the age-defying mum.

One wrote on TikTok: “You look more like sisters.”

Another added: “Mom is beautiful.”

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And a third commented: “you're both beautiful but Mom damn.”

Mischa previously took to the digital platform to share her mother's dazzling glow-up.

The viral video struck a chord with audiences, garnering over 1.7m likes and counting.

"Turning my mum into me," the TikToker wrote over a video of her mother strutting down a hallway in her usual clothes.

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Mischa's mother wore an oversized button-up blouse in a cream colour paired with distressed denim.

The mother gained many fans when she revealed her winning look — a skin tight white T-shirt and a pair of low-rise army green cargo pants.

She pranced around striking several poses for the camera after walking off.

"She rocked it," the daughter added in the caption.

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