Editor's picks of the best fashion and homeware buys from independent brands

From personalised basket bags to an undulating pink vase, The Drop editor Gemma, handpicks eight of her favourite items across fashion, interiors and beauty.

Ever wondered who decides which nine products make the cut each week for The Drop? Say hello to editor Gemma, who works alongside our head of retail, Kellyann, to bring you a curated selection of the best items by independent brands every Thursday. Below you’ll find some of her favourite buys from independent brands over the past three months.

  • Uzma Bozai Mati Sandals

    The Drop: Uzma Bozai Mati Sandals

    “I’m a sucker for tassels and pom-poms(any kind of embellishment, if I’m honest) so these Grecian-style sandals will be a key part of my summer wardrobe.”

    Shop Uzma Bozai mati sandals, £79


  • Bax and Gore Wiggles Candle Holders

    The Drop: Bax and Gore The Wiggles Trio

    “As soon as I saw these pleasingly wonky air-dried clay candlestick holders, I knew I needed them in my life – I bought the blue and dusty pink trio.”

    Shop Bax and Gore wiggles candle holders, £25


  • Anna Philip London Yoga Vase

    The Drop: Anna Philip London Yoga Vase Flamingo

    “There’s something about the pale pink transparent glass and the sinuous shape of this vase that means I can’t tear my eyes away from it.”

    Shop Anna Philip London yoga vase, £28     


  • Lolly and Kiks African Wax Print Bum Bag

    The Drop: Lolly and Kiks Bum Bags

    “I love the look of a bum bag worn slung over your torso like a crossbody bag – and I also love colour, so these African print bags are the best of both worlds.”

    Shop Lolly & Kiks African wax print bum bag, £39


  • The Sunshine Club Tropicana Pearl Custom Bracelet

    The Drop: The Sunshine Club Club Tropicana Pearl Bracelet

    “I love the juxtaposition between the chic freshwater pearls and the nostalgic beaded letters that allow you to personalise this bracelet for yourself and friends.”

    Shop The Sunshine Club tropicana pearl custom bracelet, £20


  • Emily & Fin Liana Seaspray Stripe Dress

    Best independent fashion brands: Emily and Fin

    “Dresses are a mainstay of my wardrobe and I have a soft spot for pale blue anything, so this striped, button-through frock ticks all my boxes.”

    Shop Emily & Fin Liana seaspray stripe dress, £80.10


  • The Straw Basket Company Personalised Leather Patch Straw Bag

    The Drop: The Straw Basket Company Personalised Leather Patch Straw Basket Bag

    “If you’ve been coveting the Loewe straw bag that every fashion influencer seems to own, this is the next best thing – plus it can be monogrammed with your initial.”

    Shop The Straw Basket Company personalised leather patch straw bag, £65


  • Eclat Skin London EGF Youth-Cell Activation Pro-Elixir Serum

    The Drop: Eclat Skin London EGF Pro-Elixir Serum

    “When Stylist’s beauty director says that there’s huge buzz about ‘epidermal growth factors’ (EGF) in the skincare industry, you can bet I’m going to listen.”

    Shop Eclat Skin London EGF youth-cell activation pro-elixir serum, £15


Images: courtesy of brands

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