Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid's Gorgeous Pearl Necklace Costs $610, but We Found Similar Styles on Amazon for Less Than $20

You've probably heard Marilyn Monroe's infamous bop "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," however there's a new jewelry style sweeping across TikTok and gracing the necks of celebrities that just can't be ignored. Long gone are the days that pearl necklaces should be reserved for cotillion, church, or your grandmother. 'Pearlcore,' as it's been aptly coined, is one of the hottest predicted trends for 2022, and we're jumping on this embellishment bandwagon fast.

According to Pinterest's annual trend forecast for 2022, pearl-related fashion and accessory searches are on the rise. From playful pearl-studded sweaters to gorgeous pearl gowns, the gem that has a reputation for being an heirloom or a preppy accent is on everyone's wish list. And if there's one pearl item that makes it into your shopping cart, let it be this $20 pearl choker on Amazon that bears a striking resemblance to the celeb-approved version from Vivienne Westwood.

Shop now: from $20; amazon.com

The Orjatexin Golden Silver Saturn Pearl Necklace is a choker-style string of pearls with a zircon gem-encrusted pendant of Saturn as its centerpiece. If you are thinking the accessory looks oddly familiar, you wouldn't be wrong. The Amazon find is an impressive dupe for the Vivienne Westwood One Row Pearl Bas Relief Choker, a hand-knotted pearl necklace complete with a sparkly orb at the center that has inspired countless TikTok unboxing videos. 

Vivienne Westwood's pearl necklaces have had a vise-like grip on the TikTok community after stars such as Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Rihanna have been spotted wearing them, specifically the Three Row Pearl Bas Relief Choker. But, instead of splurging on a $610 necklace, you can steal your favorite stars' style while saving yourself hundreds of dollars thanks to Amazon's lookalike.

While everyone knows that pearls can elevate evening wear, the 2022 spin on this timeless stone is to mash it with streetwear for a high-fashion look. Take your cue from Hadid, who styled her pearls with a fuzzy pink sweater, or from Lipa's punk look at the 2021 Brit Awards (a mini dress with pearls doesn't always have to be sweet), or layer your pearl necklaces for a casual outing like Rihanna — pairing the gems with a baseball hat is truly groundbreaking.

But celebs and TikTokers aren't the only ones with their fingers on the pulse of pearlcore. It's also not lost on Amazon shoppers that this look is incredibly hot right now, with the Orjatexin Golden Silver Saturn Pearl Necklace being a great alternative to its designer counterpart. One reviewer wrote, "It's super good quality, really heavy, and ridiculously cute." Another called it "the perfect Vivienne Westwood dupe," noting that it "looks identical to the real necklace" and even comes with a dust bag and cleaning cloth.

If you want to get the multi-strand look that celebrities love, we recommend layering your pearls to edge up the old-school style. Westwood's designs are known for their opulence, so the more pearls, the better. We know there's nothing like the real thing, but trying these dupes is a great way to dip your toe in the water of trendy trinkets. Make way, diamonds, emeralds, and rubies, because there's a new jewel (back) in town. 

Vivienne Westwood One Row Pearl Bas Relief Choker
Shop now: $265; vivennewestwood.com

Orjatexin Golden Silver Saturn Pearl Necklace
Shop now: from $20; amazon.com

Vivienne Westwood Three Row Pearl Bas Relief Choker
Shop now: $610; viviennewestwood.com

Babeyond Round Imitation Pearl Choker 
Shop now: $13 (Originally $17); amazon.com

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