CoppaFeel! founder Kris on her aim to make more of an impact this Breast Cancer Awareness Month than ever before

I’d like to think I am preaching to the converted.

But every year I am saddened that we even need BCAM. Yet we must make sure boobs and breast cancer stay high on everyone’s agenda.

It is so easy to think it’s a “done disease”, that it “gets so much attention”. But it is still killing just under 12,000 people every year.

I want this month to be less about the colour pink and more about motivation, education and empowerment.

We at CoppaFeel! are still, sadly, far away from the day when everyone checks their boobs regularly.

But I will say we make quite a dent in awareness year on year.

We are giving more talks in schools than ever, with a new e-learning system. We are sending 52,000 boob-check reminder text messages every month and cancer education is proposed for the 2020 school curriculum.

We’re not going anywhere soon. So this month I need you to make sure everyone in your life is as aware as you. That means they too know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, check regularly and would feel confident speaking to their GP if something felt different to them.

BCAM often focuses on primary breast cancer. This is when the cancer is located in the breast and has the best chance to be treated and fully cured. But as you know, I have the advanced kind: Secondary.

That “probably never going to be cured” kind, the one that often gets a little overshadowed by the treatable, curable one.

It’s not a competition, of course. But it is equally important this month that we ensure everyone knows that breast cancer can and sometimes does return, even after an early diagnosis.

Years after breast cancer, women and men need to remain boob-checkers.

They must be aware of any changes or new symptoms that are unusual, such as a persistent cough or pains which may be signs the cancer has popped up somewhere else.

REMIND to 70500.


So be prepared to hear about it a lot this month. And feel free to buy products in the shops that are helping to raise money for CoppaFeel!

These include such things as Marigolds (gloves, not the flowers) and lovely Avon products. This is guilt-free shopping at its finest.

To see what we are getting up to in October, head to

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