Cleaning whizz shares 2p trick to stop mould from ever growing back – and it works while you potter about | The Sun

IT'S no secret that it can be tricky to get rid of mould on silicone sealant.

But one whizz has shared the best trick to stop it coming back for good, and it only costs 2p.

Mould often grows there because water seeps through to the wall behind the sealant and collects there over time.

And because bathrooms are often damp the mould can thrive there and spread even further.

But the cleaning pros from Fantastic Services have revealed how homeowners can not only get rid of the mould but make it impossible for it to come back.

Speaking to they explained how baking soda can be used on any mouldy spots.


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All you need to do it mix a small amount with water to form a gloopy paste.

Then spread the paste over the mould and leave it for 20 minutes or so.

Using an old toothbrush, scrub the paste until you see the mould lift and rinse the area with water.

You can also make use of white vinegar – it's a "fantastic mould remover”, according to the experts at Plumb Nation.

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"Its acidity makes it impossible for mould to grow, and vinegar can clean up to 82 percent of mould species," they noted.

Add some vinegar to a spray bottle and spritz the area and let it sit for an hour.

Then wipe with warm water and make sure it's dry so mould can't grow back.

The pros suggested keeping the vinegar to hand in the bathroom so you can quickly re-spray every few days so "mould will never grow".

You can even mix vinegar and bicarbonate soda together for stubborn mould and stains.

Simply make a paste and then leave it overnight, before rinsing and drying in the morning.

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