Cleaning fanatic shows how to get oven doors covered in baked on grease gleaming and it’s all thanks to tin foil

STUBBORN grease on your oven door is one household chore that can be a real pain to tackle, but one TikTok user has found a way to clean it so it's good as new – and within minutes.

We love a quick and easy hack when it comes to cleaning up the kitchen and to get your oven door gleaming, all you need is a bottle of Cif and some tin foil.

TikTok user Thomas Lorimer tested out that method that uses foil to budge baked on dirt build up and it really works.

He shared a step-by-step guide online, that has now been watched half a million times, and told viewers: 'Somebody told me about this life hack to clean the inside of my [oven] door.

"It was Cif and crumpled up kitchen foil. Now, I was very cynical, like I always am, so I tried it."

He began by pouring Cif all over his over door, before using a bit of elbow grease to scrub away at the dirt with the tin foil as fast as he could, before wiping away with a paper towel.

All in all, Thomas revealed the process took him around three minutes in total.

"Some of it took a bit of extra elbow grease, but nothing major," he said, before adding: "Then I wiped it off and it literally looked like the oven door was back to showroom shine."

He raved: "It was literally as good as when I bought it and took three minutes of my day… what a great hack."

People were left impressed with the results, but some shared concerns over the foil leaving scratchers on the glass in the door.

"Deffo wanna try this but I'm scared of scratching," one person commented.

Another asked: "Did it get scratched at all?"

A third had already tried the method out for themselves and assured that it worked just as well as it seemed to in the video.

"Just tried this it worked brilliantly. No scratches either," they said.

Another person was just as pleased with their results and posted: "I have actually just did this to my oven door that was really marked and it worked like magic! Thanks for the tip! (sic)"

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