Cleaning fanatic shocked to find second-hand couch she’s just bought is actually a totally different colour

SNAPPING up second hand furniture finds is a great way to fill the space in your home on a budget.

But one cleaning fan is reminding bargain-hunters that they should always deep clean any thrifty finds that have already been used, after picking themselves up a second-hand couch.

Deciding to give their new sofa some much-needed TLC, they gave it a good clean and was shocked to find that it was actually a totally different colour to what they thought.

The woman revealed just how dirty the couch she had just purchased was in a video she shared to TikTok, that has now been watched over 300k times.

"If you have ever gotten a couch from someone please clean it," she urged, while filming herself scrubbing down the frame of her couch.

She used a steamer to remove all of the hidden dirt and revealed that the couch was actually a much lighter shade of brown underneath.

After cleaning, she was left with a bucket-load of murky brown water.

Hundreds of people commented on her post, with one person commenting: "It changed colours wtf?"

"I need the furniture cleaner omg," posted another.

And if changing sofa colour wasn't enough to prove why second-hand buys should be cleaned thoroughly, then others sharing their own horror stories will be.

One person advised: "That and spray for bed bugs. Made that mistake… it sucks."

"I got a 1 year used couch from one guy, it's really well kept but I deep cleaned it and the colours… oh my god," posted another viewer.

A third said: "We got a set 1 time… it smelled so horrible even after cleaning 4 times… we tossed and got new… never again."

A fourth person revealed: "We got a flea infestation from a second hand sofa and then a chair."

While one more shared that they too had their sofa change colour, adding: "My aunt bought a beige brown couch and she got it deep cleaned, it turned out to be light grey."

Meanwhile, one savvy mum transformed her garish, red, leather sofa with baby pink paint for just £20.

Plus, a cleaning fan shares stomach-churning photo after strip washing sofa cushions which haven’t been cleaned in over 30 YEARS.

And this mum shares an easy hack to make washing smell fresh and people say it’s BETTER than using tumble dryer sheets.

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