Cleaning fanatic reveals how to remove limescale from a shower screen in MINUTES & keep it clean with car window product

A CLEANING fanatic has revealed how to rid your shower screen of limescale in a matter of minutes.

Mrs D, from Chorley, Lancs, has revealed her simple process for making the glass look brand new – and keep it clean using a car window product.

With Christmas over for another year, many Brits will be giving their homes a post-celebration clean today.

And limescale can seem impossible to clean away, but it's not.

First, Mrs D using Cif's cream cleaner (£2 from Wilko), which she washes away using Teal Trunk's silicon scrubber.

She then rinses the glass using the shower head and cleans away with one of Mrs Hinch's favourite Minky glass cloths.

When your glass is looking sparkling, Mrs D recommends using car product Rain Guard to keep any future limescale at bay.

She adds: "TOP TIP …… have you ever wondered how you can keep limescale from building up on your glass shower screen door?

"The truth is you can't but you can help reduce the amount that builds up , which will help you clean your glass shower doors a lot easier.

"Would you believe that rinse aid can help reduce the amount of limescale that builds up on your shower door?

"Well it can, and so can Rain guard which is used for car windows.

"Although I have both products I personally prefer to use Rain Guard as that what I've always used.

"Both products will leave a protective film on the glass helping the water run down the glass a lot quicker, meaning the water won't be sitting on you shower screen leaving limescale to build up."

Mrs D recommends using just a small amount then buffing it on the glass.

You can buy the product from Halfords for a fiver, to stop your screen getting so streaky.

Commenting on the clip, people raved: "Love this! Thanks for the great tip" and "Oh wow going to try this".

Another woman said: "What a great idea! Off to wash my shower door again now!"

While one fan wrote: "WOW I never knew that, I usually use spirit vinegar on mine. I will give it a go thank you".

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