Cleaning expert reveals how to completely remove coffee stains from white fabric – you don’t even need to scrub

IF YOU have thrown one too many items away thanks to a coffee stain, you might want to try a new cleaning process the next time you accidentally spill some coffee. 

A cleaning expert promised that her coffee stain removing strategy works every time. 

The woman, who posted her tip on TikTok, said all you need is hot water and any brand of sodium percarbonate.

First, you’re going to place your stained white item in a bowl. 

Next, you pour some sodium percarbonate onto the stain.

Then, douse it in hot water, and the stain should lift away. 

“This powder form will release hydrogen peroxide as well as sodium carbonate when you add water to it,” the woman explained.

“It’s super simple. You don’t even need to give it a scrub.”

For coffee that spills onto items that can’t be easily moved or placed in a bowl, another cleaning fanatic shared that shaving cream works well for removing stains, too.

All you have to do is take white shaving cream and rub it onto the stain and then remove it with water. 

The expert also claimed WD–40 and – believe it or not – vodka help get stains out of carpet. 

Other stains can be removed from white clothing with dish soap, according to another cleaning expert on TikTok. 

The guru behind the Clean Freakz TikTok account revealed all you need to do to get white clothes white again is mix dish soap with warm water. 

Pour the mixture onto the stain for 15 minutes, and then wash the clothing item in hot water.

He said while the process may need to be repeated, the clothing should eventually return to pristine condition. 

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