'Childish & demanding' Kourtney Kardashian's relationship with Travis Barker is 'doomed to crash and burn,' expert says | The Sun

KOURTNEY Kardashian and Travis Barker's whirlwind romance has captured the public eye – especially their sexually-charged antics.

With the pair now expecting their first child, many have wondered whether Kourtney, 44, and Travis's relationship will change.

Kerry Ward, author of Power Purpose Practice, has analyzed what the stars predict for the lovebirds…


Kourtney, born April 18, is an Aries, ruled over by Mars, a fire sign.

In terms of tarot, Aries is associated with The Emperor card.

Kourtney's life path number is three — that of the influencer, creative, communicator, and trendsetter.

Travis, born November 14th, is a Scorpio, ruled over by Pluto, a water sign.

Scorpio is associated with the Death card in the tarot deck. His life path number is 11 — that of the inspiring teacher, the psychic, and the old wise soul.


This love is a death-defying, terminal velocity, passionate but dangerous and doomed to crash and burn one.

Kravis is a rock and roll relationship, for sure, but also a power ballad with a tragic ending.

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Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker is a Scorpio, a water sign, which is passionate and sexually intenseCredit: AFP

It almost already feels like they both know this trajectory and play into it.

Kourtney’s Aries fiery sexual power is cat nip for Travis’ smoldering Scorpio, intense and dark sexual appetites.

He loves that behind closed hotel room doors he can corrupt her, but actually he’s playing to her needs too.

There can be no doubt these two are sexual dynamite together. But can that last? Can that really be sustained and what else is there?
No. And not much.

Kourtney is loving and warm but also demanding and childish. This is in direct opposition to Travis’s sophisticated, old soul maturity.

His life path is to inspire and teach, whereas hers is to, frankly, show
off, draw attention, and be in fashion.

If, or when, the lust subsides, these two could find each other’s personality and motivations bewildering and irritating.


Kourtney’s three life path is all about communication, influencing, being seen, setting trends.

She has to be in the spotlight, it is where she thrives, best serves, and feels valuable.

Everything about Travis is more secretive. Scorpios are notoriously private, hate people knowing their stuff, and resist analysis.

Not only will this increasingly start to chafe professionally in their reality world commitments, but Travis’s need for space and privacy is likely to make Kourtney’s passionate Aries soul jealous and insecure.

Expect to see Travis skulking off for space whilst Kourtney makes a major scene, demands attention, and probably blames other people (all classic Aries Fire sign traits).


Several family members have now debunked that the surprise of Kourtney’s "I’M PREGNANT" sign at Travis’s concert was genuine. So, why bother?

Ratings, attention, noise, clicks, and presence in short. Life path threes are exhibitionists and, like a moth to the flame, are irresistibly drawn to the spotlight.

Added to that, Kourtney’s Mars ruler makes her an irresistible force when she gets an idea. No reason or logic can temper a Fire sign’s desires. And her Aries nature makes her naturally competitive.

Her true goal, her desire, her golden wish, is to outdo Kim’s butt and "break the internet," but better.


Although Travis has fit into the demanding Kardashian business well thus far, it is likely that his true nature will start to rub up against the new restrictions his role will bring.

Travis’s life path is a master number 11, that’s major stuff.

This life path is on a higher realm, leading to being a cosmic teacher and guide, a spiritual guru and mentor, a creative with the potential to change lives. Can that goal be fulfilled on Disney Plus?

His Scorpio need for space and privacy and his watery element’s emotional intensity position him to cause trouble down the line.

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His tarot ruler of Death, which represents transformation, also makes him very capable of turning the tables and simply cashing out and starting over.

Once he’s pushed too far, Travis will exit the stage, no matter what sign Kourtney holds up.

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