You can now buy necklaces in the shape of a UTERUS. … but there’s a good reason to buy one

Wanting to show how magical and important this unseen piece of the female anatomy is, she took to creating a bunch of the beautiful pendants with different stones and gems.

Ellen Rococo, from Ukraine, was already a popular artist and jeweller before taking to carving these unusual pieces, but her client base has expanded since their release on online retailer Etsy.

Despite the limited number of the precious crafts, she has already sold charms across the globe to mothers, midwives and feminists.

And surprisingly for Ellen, those who are struggling to conceive or have undergone a hysterectomy are finding the pieces particularly powerful.

Each of the designs now featured in her shop are influenced by an individual woman who, before picking out the metals and jewels, was interviewed in depth to better understand her quirks.

A total of six different products, utilising materials from metal to delicate pearls, are currently available at sale price from £74.02 to £148.04.

Ellen said on her Etsy page: "This necklace might seem a bit strange and perhaps even too powerful as a symbol to be worn because it has a controversial nature.

"The way I see it, this necklace is a meaningful symbol of female energy – this is not just a representation of the reproductive system, but so much more than that."

The female reproductive organ consists of the womb, ovaries, vagina and cervix and all four are represented in Ellen's work by carefully placed gems.

One of her original uterine works, the 'Sacred Womb', incorporates the gemstones amethyst and moon stone, as well as crystal and gold accenting to frame the key points.

Another, the 'Biochemical Uterus', uses shiny labradorites within in a silver metal encasing, contrasting to the 'Coral Uterus' in all white, which features three pearls.

Fans of the jeweller have taken to Instagram to comment on her works, with many agreeing that there is great symbolism in her pieces, giving females power.

One user said: "I love them all, and they are all different, almost like how different every female is, but they are all unified by the beautiful symbol of femininity."

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