Calippo Shots are back with Strawberry and Lemon… and they're only 25 calories

And, although no sunny afternoon is complete without a trip to the ice cream van, the calories can soon tot up.

Thankfully, Wall’s has a nostalgic alternative.

When the company first stopped selling Calippo Shots, we were not best pleased.

But, now the Shots are well and truly back and it turns out they’re also pretty low cal.

The Strawberry and Lemon flavour is back and it’s are only 25 calories per serving – which is the whole packet.

The product description reads: "Strawberry and lemon flavour ice drops, Calippo Shots are a burst of fun fruit flavour bite size refreshment.

“The perfect way to enjoy that summer feeling all year round, with no artificial colours or flavours."

Unfortunately for now, you can't get them in mainstream supermarket at the moment – but you can buy them in bulk from wholesalers.

But, as long as the ice-cream vans are stocked, we’ll be happy.

You can also get Baileys ice-cream sandwiches – and they look delicious.

And this ice-cream contains fewer than 300 calories per tub and comes in all your favourite flavours.

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