Bullies drove me to chin procedure just like Chloe Ferry – and now I can't stop having work done

In the emotional video, shared with her 2.8 million Instagram fans, the 22-year-old said she could no longer cope with taunts about her appearance: “I just can’t put myself through it anymore. I was getting bullied about my nose.”

Watching the heart-breaking clip, Rebecca Russell, 22, could completely relate to her pain.

Since the age of 14, the promotional model, from Peterborough, was repeatedly made fun of for her looks. She’s since gone on to have three cosmetic procedures at a cost of more than £1,500.

She told Fabulous Online: “At school, the other children would constantly take the mick out of me for the way I looked. They’d call me The Crimson Chin, from the cartoon, Fairly Odd Parents. He’s a superhero with an extra-large chin. It wasn’t something I could cover up with make-up and I couldn’t wait to get it fixed.”

Rebecca had jaw reassignment surgery on the NHS as doctors deemed it could cause dental health problems, but she said: “I would have had it done regardless. It is 100% the best thing I’ve ever done.

“I hated every photo before. I wouldn’t get in front of the camera. Now, it’s my job. I would never have got picked to be a promotional model the way I looked before. Even guys who I knew at school wouldn’t have me on Facebook – but they’ve requested me now. I’ve changed so much.”

Following the surgery aged 17, Rebecca went on to have cheek and lip fillers. She felt the need to get more, to continue to look different and improve her looks.

She said: “After the surgery, I thought to myself, I’m still not happy. I needed something else. Lips were something that everyone was getting at the time and I thought it might balance my face out.

“My mum was supportive of me getting more, but my dad doesn’t agree with fillers. He didn’t want me to keep changing my face. But I just kept wanting more.”

She added: “I’d get loads more. A nose job, boob job – they do nose fillers, too. They look great. Fillers need to be done every six to eight months. They must have come to £1,500 so far.”

Rebecca admits the lip fillers received a mixed reception, but it just compelled her to want more surgery.

She said: “I had some negative comments, like ‘rubber lips’, or ‘fish lips’ from friends and acquaintances. But I liked the fact that people were noticing it more. I liked it, so I didn’t mind that people were saying bad things.

“I saw a picture of cheek fillers when I went in for my appointment to get my lips done again, and I wanted it.  The cheek fillers create the look of a cheek bone, to make it more prominent. It feels like bone, too.

“Fillers are different to surgery because it’s easy and a lot cheaper. There’s no recovery time and it’s quick. My cheek filler was over within two minutes.”

She added: “I do worry that I won’t stop. The last time I went to get my cheeks done, I told her I wanted more – which I’ve never done before.

“I like how I look with the work done, I’m glad that I’ve been able to change it. When other children were saying things to me at school, it really made me paranoid about how I looked. I would always think that if someone was looking in my direction, they were looking at me and laughing.”

After watching Chloe Ferry’s breakdown on her Instagram story, Rebecca said: “I get that. People say nasty things and then they’ll say ‘Oh, why did you put yourself through that. You’re fine the way you are!’ but obviously, I wasn’t.

“If you’re unhappy with something and you can change it, I don’t see why you shouldn’t. I know people are against it, but it’s not them who are having it done.”

Chloe Ferry has revealed she has spent more than £50,000 on surgery to her breasts, cheeks, lips, chin, nose and eyebrows in the past three years.

The reality star was rumoured to have spent the sizeable sum on cosmetic procedures since joining the show at the age of 19 – but she has now claimed it's far more.

When asked by new! magazine if it was true she had spent £50k on work to her body, she admitted: "It's a lot more, I can tell you that. £50k – I wish! I'm bankrupt… I'm not really [laughs]."

Sam Gowland's girlfriend revealed she was far happier with how she looked now and even said, "I want more".

Her comments come just a week after she was cruelly compared to a clown by trolls after revealing she'd had chin fillers.

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