Bride to-be shows off her sexy lingerie set to her fiancé – but everyone’s saying her man’s reaction is a red flag | The Sun

A BRIDE has gone viral after sharing her sexy lingerie surprise for her husband to-be – but it's the bloke's reaction that's got people talking.

Ahead of their wedding, Natalia Reynolds, believed to be from the US, decided to browse through her vast lingerie collection to see if there was anything fitting for the special night.

There, she stumbled upon a sexy little number – a gorgeous white set with flower detailing and a suspender belt to accentuate her waist.

Pleased with the reflection in the mirror, the bride then thought it'd be a good idea to see what the future hubby thought of the look.

Armed with the fierce set – and a pair of furry slippers – the dark-haired stunner dashed downstairs to surprise him.

Ready with a camera, Natalia also filmed the reaction – which was also shared on TikTok.

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But it appears that the bloke was anything but wowed by the set, as he turned around not saying much.

To make matters worse, not only were there not any facial expressions, he then added that he'd prefer if the set was in black.

''Black? On our wedding night?'' Natalia was just as baffled as the rest of the viewers.

Left confused and not with the reaction she was after, she then turned around and went upstairs.

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Since being uploaded on the popular video-sharing platform, the clip has taken the internet by storm, racking up close to 515k views in less than week.

And just like Natalia, social media users were stunned at the lack of excitement and desire from the bloke – many even insisted she packed her bags as soon as possible.

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One wrote: ''he 100% didn't pass the vibe check.''

Someone else agreed, adding: ''with that reaction, I'd be cancelling the wedding. you look stunning!''

''You’ll get bored of his non reactions. I give it 4 years tops,'' a third commented.

''But girl that reaction was deader than my grandad who passed 6 years ago,'' another was mortified.

This bloke is not the first one to leave internet users stunned – one dad-to-be was recently branded a 'walking red flag' after his reaction at a gender reveal party.

Mathilde Vltr shared her gender reveal in a video online. 

The pair used a balloon to reveal the gender of their baby with family and friends who were filming. 

Mathilde held the balloon while her partner popped the balloon. Blue confetti floated to the ground while family and friends cheered behind the camera. 

The gender reveal was seemingly normal up until that point. But it was the dad-to-be's reaction that had viewers raising concerns. 

Upon seeing the blue confetti being released he screamed and cheered. 

He began pounding the table full of decorations and even head-butted the baby boxes displayed. 

Mum-to-be Mathilde did not look pleased as she looked at the mess on the floor and only smiled once she was given a kiss by her partner.

The video went viral with over 39 million views. Viewers were horrified by the dad-to-be’s reaction.

Commenters branded him a ‘walking red flag’.

One user asked: “What in the red flag is happening here?”

A second commenter said: “You can hear the silence after the initial cheers and he’s still hulking out. Everyone in that room knows.”

Another said: “Not head butting the baby boxes.”

Many viewers were encouraging the mum-to-be to end the relationship. 

One viewer said: “It's not too late to be a single parent babes my mom did it and I turned out fine I promise.”

Another viewer said: “IT'S A DIVORCE!!!”

Mathilde has continued to share pregnancy updates including a tour of her baby's room.  

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Mathilde has since responded saying: “He acted very happy, exaggerated but does not react like his in usual life.”

She has told her viewers: “There is nothing to worry about.”

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