bowled over

It will be a case of standing room only for everyone from Serena Williams to The Spice Girls as they jostle for passing waiters brandishing trays filled with steaming bowls of hot food and fruity deserts.

Meghan is thought to be behind the idea as she's a well-known fan of the healthy fruit and acai berry bowls regularly posted by chefs and food bloggers on Instagram.

Hundreds of guests at St George's Hall at Windsor Castle will be served 'mini main courses', which will be cooked up by staff from the Queen's kitchen.

Guests are also expected to be served canapes during the lunchtime reception, which will also include speeches and the cutting of the cake.

Meghan, who also practises yoga, heaped praise on the food trend in a blog post with her friend, the food stylist Athena Calderone, last year.

In the adorable chat between the pair, we see the future princess getting messy with a food blender and making up an acai smoothie bowl with her friend as she talks about how she grew up in California with lots of fresh fruit and veg.

Asked about the kind of food she loves the most, Meghan was quick to reply, "Fresh, fresh fresh.

"We are so spoiled with our produce there (in California), and my love of simple ingredients prepped well is completely linked to that.

"And the diet tends to be healthier as well – acai bowls, green juices, chopped salads, perfect sushi, grilled fish tacos….those are all things that make me think of home."

Luckily for the royal couple, designer Cath Kidston has brought out a beautiful range of wedding bowls to mark the occasion. Her £10 commemorative bowl is one of the classier items of royal wedding memorabilia but has sold out on the website.

Of course, if Harry has his way, the pair might end up serving popcorn too.

The prince delighted onlookers when he allowed a cheeky toddler to swipe a handful of the crunchy snack from him at the Invictus Games last year.

And we think we've found the perfect royal-themed serving vessel for that.



Nigella Lawson is a massive champion of the bowl food trend.

She devotes an entire chapter to the stuff in her book, Simply Nigella, writing, "For me, 'bowlfood' is simply shorthand for food that is simultaneously soothing, bolstering, undemanding and sustaining."

There is no word yet on what 200 special guests will eat at a second private evening reception in Frogmore Hall. But we won't be ruling out fish tacos.

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