Blended orgasms can be ridiculously intense… here’s how to have one

The term's typically been used to describe orgasms which come from both penetration and clitoral stimulation – which is exactly what sex toy manufacturers try to achieve with rabbit vibrators.

Now a sexpert thinks we should be taking this one step further – with a combination of internal and external stimulation incorporating the G-spot, A-spot (an area 2-3 inches above the G-spot), clitoris, and anal area all at the same time.

Everyone's different, and you may not be able to achieve an orgasm from all of these areas of stimulation – but you want to 'hit the spot' in as many ways as possible.

Founder and CEO of b-Vibe, Alicia Sinclair, told Cosmo: "Just be sure to remember that 70 per cent of women need clitoral stimulation to get off, making the clitoris the MVP of blended orgasms."

To have blended orgasm, you first need to experiment.

Alicia added: "Your fingers are a great way to explore your body. Use the fingers of one hand to circle, rub up and down, tap, or even pinch your clitoris.

"Do what feels good and stick with it. Once you’ve warmed up your clitoris and you feel ready, insert one or two fingers of the other hand inside your vagina."

Of course, experimenting doesn't have to mean solo pleasure – you can get your partner involved too.

Sex toys specifically designed for certain pleasure zones, like wand massagers and rabbits, can also help.

Alicia said: "Clitoral vibration during penetrative vaginal sex is a toe-curling, full body orgasmic experience.

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