Beyonce and the Coachella effect

Here are some things I never thought I would Google. "How long has Donald Trump been in the White House?" And "Yellow sweater Beyonce".

And yet, after Sunday night's blistering performance by Queen Bey at the Coachella music festival, I found myself doing exactly that.

Festival fashion is always full of tropes, such as feathers, sheer dresses and cowbow boots, often served with a side-dish of cultural appropriation.

And with winter fast approaching in Australia, many of the trends are not really practical when there's a southerly gale blowing.

But by adding a few tweaks, you can make them totally adaptable, says Tigerlily's creative director, Amelia Mather.

So let's get in formation and run through them.


Shades of "winter citrus" have been creeping into stores as one of the colours of the season but after Beyonce wore a custom Balmain windcheater for her performance, its status has gone from warm to sizzling.

Cardi B performing at Coachella.

While the singer hasn't commented publicly on why she chose the warm yellow, theories have ranged from the fact black and yellow are the colours the Bey-hive to a similarity to the colours of Alpha Phi Alpha, the first black fraternity in the United States.

Pair a yellow sweatshirt with jeans, or do the reverse and go for a pleated skirt in mandarin with a denim jacket.

Jillian Hervey of Lion Babe performs at Coachella.

Kimono jackets

Isn't it wonderful when a style that's hot at a festival also happens to be one of the strongest silhouettes of the season?

Everyone from Viktoria & Woods to Gucci are doing the kimono jacket, which this season embraces floral prints and tassel embellishment in the belts.

Mather suggests teaming a signature print kimono with denim and a flat sandal for a Sunday brunch look that's relaxed and chic.


From earrings to slides by Sydney brand Mara and Mine, fringing has been around for several seasons. The key difference for this winter is it's all about colour.

But it doesn't have to be OTT to make the grade, says Mather.

“More-is-more festival favourites such as a suede fringed skirt can be pared back for the office with a classic white shirt,” she says.

Just add glitter

Glitter is a festival staple but the type you put on your face is a tad controversial for the effect it has on waterways.

So instead of spraying it in your hair, invest in a pair of sneakers with a glitter tab-back, or a bra and undies set from Les Boys Les Girls, the cool brand by Agent Provocateur founder Serena Rees.

And if you are keen to add some glitter to your make-up routine, look for bio-glitters that are less harmful to the environment.

Matching printed sets

Not quite a suit but dressier than a pyjama set, the printed two-piece is one of the signature festival items that can live on in your wardrobe all year round.

Scandi fans should check out Marimekko for prints that never go out of style, and Romance Was Born, which has a new book coming out soon, has a beautiful rabbit print that screams "dinner date".

And best of all, when the two piece trend jumps off fashion's ferris wheel, you can still wear them separately.

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