The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For The Royal Wedding

In just a few more days, Meghan Markle will officially join the royal family, and we’ll definitely be watching. 

On May 19, the former “Suits” star will marry Prince Harry at Windsor Castle, in what’s sure to be a stunning ceremony with plenty of high-profile guests. Unfortunately for most of us, attending the nuptials in person isn’t an option. (Did your invitation get lost in the mail too?)

Thanks to social media ― specifically, Instagram ― that doesn’t mean we’ll have to miss all the action. We’ve put together a list of accounts to follow ahead of the big day to give you everything you could want, including photos, official announcements and even some snarky commentary. 

Check out our picks below: 

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    Kensington Royal

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    The official Kensington Palace Instagram account should be a go-to. Here, you’ll find photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at public outings, and you’ll see official announcements directly from the source. On the day of the wedding, we’d say it’s safe to count on this account for some great photos of the celebration, and perhaps even some interesting and educational tidbits about royal traditions.

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    The Royal Family

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    For the reasons listed above, you should also follow the royal family’s official Instagram account, sure to bring you some great photos from the big day and perhaps even some extra photos of the queen in her wedding ensemble.

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    Gary Janetti

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    If you’re looking for some hilarious royal wedding commentary from the (imagined) point of view of a very sassy Prince George, you need to be following Gary Janetti on Instagram. In Janetti’s memes, which we’ve already dubbed “the funniest royals-related content on the internet right now,” the little prince is a snarky monster of a kid who really has it out for Markle (and all the royals, really). Surely the Prince George character Janetti has created will have plenty to say on May 19.

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    Priyanka Chopra

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    Priyanka Chopra is a close friend of Markle’s who’s already noted she’ll be at the royal wedding. While phones aren’t allowed at the wedding itself, we’re hoping to get some pre-ceremony glam shots from Chopra, and maybe even a few story updates after the fact. 

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    Jessica Mulroney

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    Jessica Mulroney is a Canadian stylist, public relations professional and bridal specialist. She’s also one of Markle’s best friends and reportedly her secret wedding planner. It was initially thought that Mulroney would be Markle’s maid of honor, but that was squashed once we found out the former actress wouldn’t have one at all. Regardless, Mulroney’s bound to have some great royal wedding intel and we can only hope she shares some of that on and around May 19.

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    Princess Eugenie

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    Princess Eugenie doesn’t update her official Instagram account too often, but we’re still wishing she’ll share at least one snap from her cousin’s big day. We’d also appreciate a photo or two of her and her sister, Princess Beatrice, wearing what will surely be two show-stopping headpieces.

  • 7
    Victoria Beckham

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    We know that Victoria Beckham won’t be making Markle’s dress, but there’s still hope that she and her fellow Spice Girls, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, Mel Brown and Mel Chisholm, will reunite to spice up the royal party. (You should also give their accounts a follow if you haven’t already.) We might even get a performance — our song choice would be “2 Become 1,” because, obviously. But what we really, really want is to see the girl group in coordinating fascinators. Ensembles designed by Beckham would also be welcome.

  • 8
    Roland Mouret

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    Roland Mouret (second from right) is rumored to be Markle’s potential wedding dress designer, so if there’s any chance for sneak peeks, you’ll likely see them on his account.

  • 9
    Serena Williams

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    Serena Williams is another friend of Markle’s who’s been pretty mysterious about whether she’ll actually attend the wedding. Still, she may be a good person to follow for potential pictures and story updates.

  • 10
    Lindsay Roth

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    TV producer and author Lindsay Roth is also a good friend of Markle’s and was even rumored to be the former actress’ maid of honor, as Markle fulfilled that same duty for Roth in 2016. 

  • 11
    Kate Middleton Captions

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    Kate Middleton Captions (aka k8conroy) is another great account for funny royal-related commentary. Instead of imagining the thoughts in Prince George’s head, this account puts captions under images of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. 

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    Aside from our live coverage of the big day, HuffPost will be updating our Instagram account with highlights from the wedding. Be sure to check out our stories throughout the day for updates too.

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