Beauty fans are raving about £2.50 cap which dries hair quickly and leaves it looking amazing with no effort

FORGET forking out hundreds of pounds on a pricey Dyson hair dryer…

Beauty fans are now raving about a bargain device that dries your hair with no effort. 

One shopper took to TikTok to rave about Shein’s hair drying cap that dried her hair quickly and left her locks looking great.

And the best part about it?!

It only cost £2.50! 

Cassidy explained: “I got my package from Shein today – it is this hair drying worm-looking contraption.

“The reviews are really good, it has like 1,000 reviews.”

In the video we see Cassidy attach the device to her hair dryer. 

Then all you need to do is turn your hair dryer on and let the device do the work for you.

Long are the days of standing in front of your mirror for ages, getting arm arch drying your hair. 

Cassidy continued: “It works, it did what it had to do.

“My hair is super lightweight.

“It took a lot less time to dry.

“Normally I air dry it but even when I use a regular diffuser it takes a long time to dry it.

“This actually worked, it cut down my drying time.

“Also, somehow my bangs are back, they’ve been missing for two years.

“It’s framing my face super nicely which I don’t know how.

“But yeah my hair is framing my face super nicely and it’s a lot more lightweight, there’s not too much product weighing it down.

“Definitely recommend this to anyone with any hair type.

“It was super cheap and effective.”

Cassidy's hair looks so amazing that we are seriously jealous of the results.

The hair dryer cap comes in one-size on Shein and is selling for just £2.50. 

Clearly numerous people are impressed with this product as the video has gone viral and racked up over 7.5million views.

Many TikTok users loved the finished results and also shared their appreciation for this bargain buy. 

One person said: “Used to use these to dry my hair at home, they’re great!” 

Another added: “Use it everyday. Love it.” 

A third commented: “Ok you’ve convinced me.”

Another said: “I’m obsessed with your hair.” 


However, many TikTok users were quick to point out that this type of product is actually not new and has been around for many years. 

One TikTok user said: “These were very popular in the 60s.” 

Another commented: “This has been around for DECADES girl.” 

A third added: “This is how my mums generation used to dry their hair!” 

Meanwhile, you’ve been putting your hair up wrong – it’s causing serious damage and could be why you’re getting headaches.

Also, people think I do my curls with a £450 Dyson Airwrap but I actually do them for FREE with a t-shirt – it’s so simple.

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