Beauty blogger wears insane eye makeup looks — on her arm

Well, that’s an eye-opening look.

Instagram user and makeup artist Gabrielle Alexis (@gabxxrielle) is racking up likes for the hyper-realistic looking eye makeup looks. The catch? They’re not drawn on her own lids, but on her forearm.

“I saw a post on Pinterest of a one-eye-closed look and fell in love with the concept, so I decided to create eyes on my arm,” she tells The Post. “As soon as I noticed some interest in my work from [other makeup artists], I thought it would be cool to create looks on my arm that they could re-create on their own eyes.”

Alexis has been posting photos of her designs and video tutorials on how to make them since 2016, according to Cosmopolitan. Her meticulously drawn eyes are incredibly detailed; the eyelashes and eyebrows look three-dimensional.

While many of the looks seem to mimic some of Hollywood’s most famous eyes, from Elizabeth Taylor’s to Kim Kardashian’s, scrolling through her feed reveals that the peepers on her arm look almost exactly like Alexis’s own eyes — which she paints just as elaborately.

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