An Australian swimwear brand has launched a collection made from carpets and old fishing nets – but would you wear them?

But perhaps you should splash out on swimwear from an Australian brand which makes bikinis from carpets and old fishnets.

Before you get put off, the stunning boho designs in the  Tigerlily range are designed to be eco-friendly as they're made from the recycled materials.

Typically waste products such as old fishing nets and carpets are harmful to ocean ecosystems and so by reusing the nylon-like material, the brand hopes to help the planet.

According to the website, “ethical sourcing and sustainability” are key values of the bohemian brand, and around 50 per cent of the swimwear is made from the recycled fibre.

They first introduced swimwear made from Econyl® polyamide fibre, which has 100 per cent regenerated material, in 2015.

As well as reusing material, Tigerlily claims that over 60 per cent of its printed fabric is certified by OEKO-TEX®, which means that no toxic chemicals were used in production.

The Tigerlily brand launched in 2000 and aims to challenge the world of “fast fashion”, which is becoming a huge polluter.

And good news for those keen to get behind the swimsuit brand – they are currently having a sale.

There is up to 60 per cent off all items in the sale, with shoppers able to pick up bikini tops from AU$32 (£17), and bottoms being priced around AU$28 (£15).

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