Ashley Benson Gives Her Go-To Tattoo Artist JonBoy Some Fresh Ink of His Own – See Her in Action!

Ashley Benson is no stranger to getting tattoos from celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy — in fact, he gave her one that’s a nod to her girlfriend Cara Delevingne. But on Wednesday night the two decided to switch roles!

Benson, 30, shared multiple videos and photos on Instagram after she picked up the needle and tattooed the word “Titty” across JonBoy’s right thigh. “I got to tattoo my dude tonight @jonboytattoo Titty,” she captioned the post. On her Instagram Story she also said, “About to ink my boyyyyyy for da first time @jonboytattoo.”

As JonBoy sat in the leather Gucci-print chair, he guided the actress through the steps as she dipped the needle in ink and then started tattooing the word in small lettering across his leg. “That’s good,” he said as she finished inking the letter “T.”

“I’m scared bro,” Benson said before she began again. JonBoy replied, “You got this.”

Once she finished tattooing, Benson’s friend in then background said the body art looked “so good,” and JonBoy agreed. The actress said, “That’s so crazy that like I don’t feel like I’m going deep in there at all.”

The actress posted the completed ink on her Instagram Story and asked fans, “Should I become a tattoo artist?”

Before tattooing JonBoy, Benson got some ink herself. She had the words “Pomme Frites” (French for French fries) in tiny block lettering on her arm and the word “California” below her shoulder blade.

Last year, the actress visited JonBoy to have him tattoo the scripted word “Squish” on her lower torso, which many believed was a sweet tribute to girlfriend Cara Delevingne.

JonBoy shared a photo of the ink and captioned the post “I love love ❤️,” tagging both Benson and Delevingne.

The word appears to have special meaning for the couple, as Delevingne used it in April 2019 to describe herself in a throwback photo.

“#tbt this is a very rare picture of me in a dress looking pleased with myself because I most probably had shorts on underneath,” she captioned the post. “Once a squish, always a squish. My head was half fringe, half face. Squished.”

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