Are YOU as smart as a three-year-old? Take this Mensa quiz to find out

THINK you're as smart as a three-year-old? It's time to take this Mensa quiz to find out.

Clever clogs Dayaal Kaur, from Birmingham, hit headlines in January after being allowed to join Mensa at just three years old.

The high IQ society, which only accepts the top two per cent of people across the world, normally only tests kids from 10-and-a-half upwards.

But they made an exception and one of Mensa’s head psychologists Lyn Kendall assessed Dayaal online in October.

Birmingham Live asked Lyn to reveal the questions, and she shared some examples from her book A Brilliant IQ: Gift or Challenge by Lyn Kendall and Chris Allcock.

Question One

Rearrange the letters of DUE CROP to give a word with a similar meaning. What is it?

Question Two

Add together three of the following numbers each time to reach a total of 60. How many different combinations are there?

2 3 5 10 15 20 25 50

Question Three

In the box provided place a five letter word which can be attached to the end of the given words to form four longer words. What is the five letter word?

Question Four

Replace the blanks in the following sentence with two five letter words. The same five letters must be used for both words. What are the words?

The BLANK told his class that he had been BLANK fishing during the holiday.

Question Five

What letter should replace the question mark?

Question Six

What number is missing from the following sequence?

4 9 16 25 ? 49 64 81

Question Seven

Complete the square with the letters of MENSA. When completed no row, column or diagonal line of any length will contain the same letter more than once. What letter should replace the question mark?

Question Eight

Assume you are using a basic calculator and press the numbers in order, replacing each question mark with a mathematical sign. Plus, minus, multiply and divide can each be used once only. What is the highest number you can possibly score?

6 ? 2 ? 2 ? 4 ? 2 =

The answers

Reckon you've cracked them all? Read on to find out…

1. Produce.

2. Four.

(20, 20, 20)

(25, 20, 15)

(25, 25, 10)

(50, 5, 5)

3. Chair.

4. Tutor and trout.

5. V. On each row the alphabetical position of the first letter plus the alphabetical position of the second letter gives the alphabetical position of the third letter.

6. 36. They are all square numbers.

7. M.

8. 18.

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