21 Bikinis and One-Pieces Made to Flatter Women With Curves

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NEED YOUR HELP ? What do you want in a swim suit ? I’m heading to palm beach next week to shoot a swim guide for you cuties and as I prep I wanna know what you look for in a suit •••••••• Any of the below info you’re comfortable commenting would help point me in the right direction: ? what you look for in swim (comfort, coverage, cuteness?) ? sizes you wear in swim ? perfect price point for swim & max you would play ? how often to you buy a suit (one a year, a few each summer, once every few years) ? bust size ? do you buy tops/bottoms separately or as a set (like if you’re a small top & a large bottom etc) ? colors you wear or won’t wear in swim & why ? do you like trendy swim suit? ? styles you gravitate towards (bikini, high waisted, one piece?) ? are coverups important? ? styles you would never wear & why (is it like a body insecurity issue or a my boobs physically wont fit issue) ? info you want reviewed about a suit ? any other info that matters to you as a shopper ? CUTIES: if you could answer one or two of those in the comments (or via email if you’re uncomfortable commenting, click “email“ in my bio) that would be great!!! ♥️ Also if you’re uncomfortable in a swim suit please comment, email or dm me (I get a ton so email is best) about it. Making it my mission to help you overcome some of that fear this year so I really want to have a one on one convo with you about it and if how I can help or direct you to someone who can help! ? BRANDS: if you’re a swim brand, email me if you’re looking to collab ♥️ DEETS: This suit from last years swim guides! ??Colormecourtney.com/swim ??Colormecourtney.com/bikini

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A Lace-Up Suit

We get that finding a flattering swimsuit can be daunting. Every woman has insecurities (even though they’re likely not visible to others) as well as body parts she loves and aims to accentuate. Whether you prefer to show off the shape of your booty or boost your cleavage in a scooped top, we have a silhouette for you to fall in love with. In fact, we’re sure there will be at least two to three designs that suit your figure and your taste, hands down.

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