20 Badass Leather Jackets for Every Guy's Budget

James Dean, Steve McQueen, and Marlon Brando all knew the power of a damn good leather jacket. The essential top layer instantly transforms your basic everyday outfit into a ruggedly stylish look. But we’re not talking about just any leather jacket. A high-quality, well-fitting leather jacket will become a signature style piece to wear for decades and even pass on to your kids someday. The effortlessly cool look of a leather jacket is timeless, and more importantly, looks great on men of any age. Sure, it will cost you a pretty penny, but when keeping fit, style, and quality in mind as you find your perfect match, you’ll find the best leather jackets that are worth the investment.


If you’re going to spend your hard-earned dollars on one of the best leather jackets, it’s important to make sure the jacket fits perfectly on the shoulders and hugs the inner arm pit. An oversized leather jacket might feel a bit more comfortable for guys who like a relaxed fit, but that will only make the jacket look less expensive and unflattering.

You should be able to wear a thin knit sweater underneath your leather jacket and the torso of the jacket should closely skim your body with a hem that hits right at your waist or belt. While it might feel shorter than other jackets in your closet, this is the correct fit for a traditional leather bomber or motorcycle jacket.


When it comes to leather jacket, you get what you pay for—the cheap alternative will indeed look cheap. Traditional cowhide leather, which is more durable and thicker than other leathers, is typically found on old-school motorcycle jackets. If you want something supple, lighter, and flexible, lambskin is a great option. You can’t really go wrong as long as it’s high-quality leather. Trusty brands Schott NYC, Belstaff, and AllSaints (for a more affordable option) are reliable for their quality leather on any of their leather jacket offerings. If it retails close to $100, it’s most likely faux leather.


Whether you go for a racer, motorcycle jacket, trucker, or bomber jacket, opt for the style that best fits you. Motorcycle jackets are timeless for rugged style, while a minimalist racer jacket or trucker is a more office-friendly option to sport to your 9-to-5. Suede also changes the look of a motorcycle jacket to one that’s a bit more sophisticated with rich texture. This investment is less about what’s trending and more about your own personal style.

With all of this in mind, check out the 20 best leather jackets for men to buy now and wear forever.

The supple leather on this motorcycle jacket gives it a relaxed, modern vibe, while the slim-fit keeps your lean body looking trim.

This iconic style made popular by Brando in the classic film The Wild One is still as lustworthy today as it was back in the ‘50s. This durable, heavier motorcycle jacket has the enduring style to be a wardrobe staple for many, many years to come.

Picture this smooth, minimalist racer leather jacket over your workwear button-down shirts and slacks for a polished, everyday look. The sheepskin leather is buttery soft, which only makes it look and feel even more expensive than other options on the market.

We’v been a fan of this Wilson leather jacket since we eyed its similarities to Idris Elba’s Givenchy stunner a few months back. It’s well-made, simply stylish, and age appropriate for any guy to sport.

A clean, classic shape with a ribbed-cuff hem offers comfort and superior style for any guy.

The bomber has become the new classic and in leather, it’s sure to be a timeless choice for next-level style.

A leather blazer adds some sharp style to any T-shirt and jeans look with little effort required.

A rich suede texture gives gives the shirt style a luxe, sophisticated feel with comfort.

Some guys make the mistake of buying a large leather jacket to layer over their go-to hoodie—this is wrong. The right choice can be found with a removable hoodie inset that keeps the jacket well-tailored.

It’s the same jacket you love from Levi’s, but in a cool leather fabric that’s perfect to sport from day-to-night.

This brass-colored option is both extremely stylish and completely unexpected. If you want to standout in a sea of black, this leather jacket is pure gold.

So, maybe this isn’t the perfect time for you to throw down major cash after a living your best life this summer with more expenses than usual, but that’s where Topman comes in. Their faux-leather jacket is one of the best affordable options a guy can wear that looks more expensive than its price tag.

The brand’s rich history with motorcycle racing that dates back to the early 20th century ensures you’re getting a high-quality racing jacket worth the high price tag. They might be famous for their waxed-cotton jackets, but their luxe leather offerings are just as noteworthy.

The varsity style gets a major upgrade in suede and leather for a retro-inspired look that’s sophisticated enough for the full-grown man.

Moto shoulder details add rugged style to your everyday look, no matter what’s worn underneath. It’s simply a no-brainer.

For taller guys in need of a leather jacket with versatility, look no further than a top-notch leather car coat with seriously smooth lambskin.

Top Gun: Maverick won’t hit theaters until next year, but with the the shearling collar trend going strong over the past few years, you can bet this style will only become even more popular in the seasons to come.

Game of Thrones might be over, but the cool costume designs that inspired menswear designers like John Varvatos will live on.

Retro-stripe details adds a vintage feel to your jacket that will only look better with more wear.

The Arrivals


The Arrivals leather jackets are available for a reasonable price, without having to sacrifice quality. The rich pebbled leather texture combined with all-black hardware keeps a low-profile with high style.

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