15 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas If You Just Decided You're Going Out

There are two kinds of people who celebrate Halloween: those who have their costumes mapped out a year in advance, and those who only throw something together if they have plans. Usually, I'm the former. If you clicked on this article, I'm going to take an educated guess and say you're among the latter.

Now, don't panic. There's no shame in the procrastination game, and there are plenty of easy Halloween costume ideas out there if you're just now deciding you're going to partake in festivities. Whether that looks like a night in watching scary movies, hitting a socially-responsible happy hour, or a good old-fashioned house party, read on for some late-minute ideas if you have no time to go shopping.

Tom Cruise in Risky Business

A white oversized button-down is a wardrobe essential, so if you don't already own one, now is as good a time as any to invest. Pair it with a white pair of boy shorts if you're comfortable (biker shorts work, too) and knee-high socks. Complete the look with dark sunnies (worn indoors at all times), and anytime you can sing into a rusty candelabra for the effect, please do.

A Ghost

Got a bedsheet handy? Take a page from Beetle Juice's Barbara and Adam Maitland and embrace the old-school ghost routine. If you can cut out eye holes, great! If not, just make sure you come up for air once in a while.

Rachel Green from Friends

With 10 seasons under her belt, the many outfits of Rachel Green give last-minute Halloween costume seekers a lot to work with. Looks include a white turtleneck and plaid pleated skirt, a white tank top under denim overalls, and a poufy wedding dress and veil (bonus points if you can make it damp). You could also DIY a Central Perk smock and hold a coffee pot all night, just remember Rachel was rarely hard at work, so if someone asks for a fresh cup, tell them to get it themself.

A Skeleton

This one's all in the makeup (see tutorial here), but you could wear all-black for emphasis (when I was a skeleton, I wore this onesie from Tipsy Elves and it was the easiest — not to mention the coziest — costume ever).

Meghan Markle

How hard can it be to pose as British royalty, right? Meghan Markle's style has evolved throughout the years, and there are many iconic looks to choose from. Some personal favorites include her many statement coats (she's a big fan of the trench style), her casual street style (a classic white button down paired with jeans), and gorgeous, bright monochromatic formalwear (think gowns and matching capes).

A Magic 8 Ball

This easy Halloween costume requires a little DIY and a little black dress. Grab some white construction paper and draw a sizeable circle. Write the number 8 in the middle and make it bold with a black sharpie. Tape it (or hot glue it) to your dress and voila! You've made yourself a magic 8 ball. All that's left to do is spew perplexingly vague fortunes all night long.

Ariana Grande circa 2018

One of my favorite eras of Ariana Grande was the lampshade era. It doesn't get much cuter (easier, or comfier) than an oversized hoodie, over-the-knee boots, and a super high ponytail. If you partake in the candy snacking portion of the night, make sure you're reaching for a Blow Pop to stay on brand.

A Baby

I can almost guarantee you currently own everything you need for this easy Halloween costume. Just put on your most comfortable pjs (bonus points for footie pajamas) and throw your hair in pig tails.

Billie Eilish

Comfort and color are key components in Billie's closet. If you're trying to emulate Eilish's aesthetic a la the "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" era, pair an oversized graphic tee with comfy trackpants and sneakers.

A Black Cat

Your all-black-everything outfit can consist of virtually anything: a dress, a top and pants, skirt, or leggings. The most you'll need to purchase is a pair of cat ears, which you can find for super cheap on Amazon here (double buns work wonders, too). Draw on whiskers with eyeliner or shadow and you're good to go.

Blessing In Disguise

This one makes me giggle. Customize or DIY a t-shirt to say "Blessing," or buy a pre-made one here. Shrug on your longest coat, pop the collar, and hide behind your favorite shaded sunglasses.

Posh Spice

A black mini dress and strappy heels was the quintessential uniform of Posh Spice. Keep your facial expressions moody and sing only when you have to. Master her signature point and you're set.

A Witch

Normally, I'd rattle off entire outfit ideas, but for this easy Halloween costume, you really only need a pointed black hat and your guests will get the message.

Julien Calloway

Why pose as a stereotypical school girl when you can emulate Costance Billard's new queen bee? Calloway's met steps ensemble made a very good impression on viewers, and luckily for you, it's easy to mimic with an oversized button down, loosened skinny tie, biker shorts, and cowboy boots.

A Mummy

Now that toilet paper's back in stock (see: 2020), grab a roll and get tangled up in the sheets.

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