Wendy Williams: Cardi B’s ‘Schoolboy Crew’ Will Ruin Her Career After Alleged Met Gala Brawl

Wendy Williams warns Cardi B that her ‘crew’ will ruin her career! After a brawl broke after the Met Gala, allegedly because of a crazed Cardi fan, Wendy said Cardi needs to polish her image like Nicki Minaj did!

Wendy Williams, 53, thinks Cardi B, 25, needs to polish her image, and fast, after a brutal fight broke out after the Met Gala allegedly because of the rapper! “The thing is Cardi, I know you rep your set, but your set is going to ruin your ability to move forward,” Wendy warned Cardi on her show on May 8. “You can’t have this school boy crew around you. There’s no one who needs to be jumping up and beating [people].” Cardi’s security is allegedly responsible for viciously beating someone who insisted on asking her for an autograph, after she told the fan no. In disturbing video footage, the alleged victim can be seen on the ground, surrounded by multiple people. A second video shows the alleged victim being hauled off into an ambulance with police present.

Wendy then went on to compare Cardi and Nicki Minaj, 35, who united for a photo at the Met Gala after they publicly beefed. “Nicki Minaj might’ve come from a particular set, but Nicki was woman enough and smart enough to polish herself enough to get on that American Idol, to get those perfumes out… She’s become some sort of mainstream, princess-type thing; Not a thug-stress threat,” Wendy explained. She then made it clear that she doesn’t believe Cardi is a “thug-stress threat.” — “But, your set is going to get in the way of you moving forward.”

The alleged brawl broke out in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday, May 8, outside a Met Gala after party, according to TMZ. The alleged victim reportedly told cops that three security guards shoved him to the ground, and started the attack. The alleged victim was reportedly transported to the hospital by ambulance where [he] was treated for neck and back pain. The site says at least one of the attackers in the video had been seen with Migos earlier in the evening.

Now, NYPD are reportedly investigating the incident and Cardi has yet to address the scuffle.

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