‘We need to reign it in’ Kirstie Allsopp expresses panic over excessive littering

Kirstie Allsopp admits she doesn't like 'mean' reputation

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Kirstie Allsopp, 50, has warned her followers about the excessive littering issue in the UK, in the hope of improving the situation. The Location, Location, Location host sparked backlash after telling followers to “reign it in”.

We need to reign it in whenever we can.

Kirstie Allsopp

Kirstie expressed her worries yesterday evening to her 425,500 followers on Twitter.

She posted a picture of a disposable facemask, hooked to a tree, with a message warning her followers about the litter crisis.

The presenter said: “I will always wear a mask when asked, but I will never stop worrying about the masks, the gloves, the sprays, the wipes and the myriad single use items/plastic whose use has ballooned in Covid times.

“We need to reign it in whenever we can.”

Kirstie was met with a mixed response, with many criticising the presenter.

AntheaRogers said: “So when do we see you voicing your concern about the amount of litter along the roadsides of rural areas?

“Fast food packaging, drinks, cans & bottles etc are way more of an issue where I live.”(sic)

Kirstie hastily replied: “Are you having a laugh?”

FreddieScovell commented: “If you wear one of those political symbols, the damage is on you as much as anyone. Stop it.”

Kirstie was also met with sympathy with many agreeing with the issues the presenter raised.

Nafie_wafie said: “That’s why I use a fabric mask, so it can be washed and reused over and over.”

Kirstie responded: “Me too.”

14MilesToFrance added: “We took to carrying a plastic bag and sanitiser on cliff paths & country walks this year.

“So many disposable masks are either dropped or blown into the undergrowth. We collect as many as we can reach.”

Kirstie is known for voicing her opinion on issues online.

She recently spoke out after abandoning her car due to its empty tank during the fuel crisis.

Kirstie wrote on October 5: “Yesterday I ran out of fuel returning from Buford to London, none available in the High Wycombe area, had to leave the car as no family member had enough fuel to come and help me.

“Today I passed 5 petrol stations in London with ZERO fuel.”

When asked by a social media user why she did not use a breakdown service she said she “didn’t want to bother them, I reckoned there were people in greater need”.

She added that “those without money” were being most-affected by the fuel situation.

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