‘We have to’ Dan Walker reacts to viewer who labelled BBC Breakfast habit ‘cringe-worthy’

Carol Kirkwood jokes Dan Walker should ‘have another holiday’

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Dan Walker, 44, has been one of BBC Breakfast’s man presenters since 2016, and knows the ins and outs of how the show works and what’s required for each segment to ensure the programme runs smoothly. So when a viewer had a question about why the hosts have to pause before handing over to the local news, he was well equipped to answer.

We have to pause for a second to allow the different nations of opt out of our output

Dan Walker

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, the viewer posed the question.

“@mrdanwalker Hi Dan why the pregnant pause when you would normally transfer to the local news?” they asked.

“It’s cringing. Cheers.”

Quick to reply, the BBC star admitted it was a fair point.

“Good question,” he began.

“We have to pause for a second to allow the different nations of opt out of our output.

“They switch to their own show while we have the weather with Carol,” he explained.

With their query solved, the fan was grateful for the response.

“Makes sense and thanks for the reply. Have a good day,” they replied.

Elsewhere during Tuesday morning’s show, which saw Dan appear alongside Sally Nugent, there appeared to be a slight blunder as it seems the presenters thought there was meant to be a cutaway before they began another segment.

After they realised what was happening and got back on track, Dan proceeded to jokingly mock his co-host’s reaction to the mishap, but weather presenter Carol Kirkwood jumped to Sally’s defence.

It came as the hosts had given viewers a rundown of what was coming up in the programme.

After a brief moments pause, Sally broke the silence as she said: “You’re watching BBC Breakfast,” as her co-star chuckled away in the background.

Dan apologised for interrupting her as he said he thought they were going to Carol, not continuing with the programme.

“Ok, let’s go to Carol. We were talking about Carol so we might as well go straight to her,” the sports journalist remarked.

Displayed on the big screen in the studio, the forecaster was also seen laughing at the awkward blunder.

After they all said good morning to one another, Dan said: “Sally was doing full formalities there, Carol.”

Defending her co-star and hitting back at the father of three, Carol said: “Sally can do no wrong in my eyes.”

After addressing the mishap in the studio, the meteorologist continued with the latest weather conditions.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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