Victoria Beckham fans are obsessed with Harper’s ‘posh and refined’ accent

Victoria Beckham’s parenting skills have been praised after she shared a sweet video of her daughter Harper reading out a story about loving her family.

The clip posted to Instagram shows six-year-old Harper sitting at the kitchen table in her summer school uniform, showing off her two neat plaits.

She reads out her story from a notebook, saying: "Hi, I’m six, almost seven, and I love books and my family too. Which is Cruz, Romeo, Brooklyn, Mummy and Daddy."

Almost immediately the video was inundated with comments from fans of the Spice Girl, 44, who praised Victoria as a "great mother" and said her little girl sounded "posh" and "refined".

"I only want kids if they sound this posh," one fan commented under the video.

"What a well spoken little girl," a second wrote.

"She’s got a lovely sound to her voice. She’d make a brilliant animate person (sic)."

While another commented on her "refined" voice, writing: "Looooove her voice!! Her refined voice… er accent is how all Americans imagine us Brits sound. So cute… Love her accent… Listen to that accent!"

Another added: "I love her tone good job Mrs Beckham."

And: "Aww she’s beautiful and so clever."

The mum-of-four captioned the adorable post "Happy Harper" and added a row of kisses.

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