Town & Country Apologizes for Stirring Up Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton Drama

Pro tip: Don’t disinvite Monica Lewinsky to an event. Especially if it’s so you can invite Bill Clinton instead.

That’s exactly what happened this week when the magazine Town & Country told Lewinsky not to come to an event on “social change” after Clinton RSVP’d yes. Needless to say, she wasn’t thrilled about that.

“Please don’t invite me to an event (esp one about social change) and—then after I’ve accepted—uninvite me because Bill Clinton then decided to attend/was invited. It’s 2018. Emily Post would def not approve,” she tweeted Wednesday, giving a shout-out to the famous master of etiquette. “p.s. …and definitely, please don’t try to ameliorate the situation by insulting me with an offer of an article in your mag.”

Of course, the whole thing is a tad awkward because of Lewinsky and Clinton’s infamous sexual history from back when she was a White House intern. But it’s made even more awk because of how the mag handled it. Town & Country later tweeted an apology.

“We apologize to Ms. Lewinsky and regret the way the situation was handled,” their brief statement read.

In an essay she wrote earlier this year, Lewinsky discussed how her experience with Clinton and the fallout over the revelation of their relationship is being re-framed in the era of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. She says now that what happened “constituted a gross abuse of power.”

“Now, at 44, I’m beginning (just beginning) to consider the implications of the power differentials that were so vast between a president and a White House intern,” she wrote. “I’m beginning to entertain the notion that in such a circumstance the idea of consent might well be rendered moot. (Although power imbalances—and the ability to abuse them—do exist even when the sex has been consensual.).”

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with Monica.

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