Tom Brady’s Parents Tom Sr & Galynn Were Hospitalized With Coronavirus Last Year

Tom Brady‘s parents were both hospitalized with COVID-19, TMZ is reporting.

The 43-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback’s parents – Tom Sr and Galynn – revealed that they both were diagnosed and admitted to the hospital in September.

“I was in the hospital with COVID for almost 3 weeks and my wife was sick with COVID at the same time,” Tom Sr. shared on ESPN’s Greeny radio show.

He added that they “didn’t even see the first 2 games of the year. First 2 games I’ve ever missed in his career because I was sick as a dog and my wife was sick as a dog.”

Tom Sr. went on saying that having the virus was “a matter of life and death just like anybody [who] goes into the hospital … serious stuff.”

Now, “We’re healthy, we’re happy and everything is good.”

Tom Sr. did make a note that Tom still tries to FaceTime him every single day on his way to and from practice.

Tom and the Buccaneers will square off against the Kansas City Chiefs in the upcoming Super Bowl LV.

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