The VMAs Totally Lied About Being "Live" and a Bunch of Performers Never Even Flew to NYC

The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards are happening tonight (like, as in, right now) and MTV kinda lied about it being “live.” According to Page Six, most of the performances, red carpet interviews, and awards presentations were filmed literally days in advance—which, frankly, makes sense! We are in a global pandemic, after all.

And to give credit where credit’s due, MTV reportedly made a huge effort to follow CDC guidelines during the show’s production. For starters, any talent that flew into NYC to shoot pre-recorded performances were required to quarantine. Then, literally everyone—from dancers to glam teams—had to get tested for COVID-19. On top of that, everything was filmed at once to limit time on set—meaning performers rehearsed, shot their performance, and did their interviews on the same day.

Page Six also points out that photos of The Weeknd in what appeared to be a rehearsal look on Thursday were actually taken when he was taping his performance at Hudson Yards in NYC. Meanwhile, Maluma shot his performance on Wednesday of last week, Bella Hadid shot a presenter bit on Friday, and—ahem—some celebs didn’t even bother flying to NYC.

From what we’ve seen as of writing this article (mostly the pre-show!), MTV also made sure everyone was suitably socially distanced during their “red carpet” interviews.

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