The Sexiest Photos Ever of Our 29 Sexiest Men Alive

We’d definitely opt for the sea life with a sailor like Gibson in The Bounty.

Real men rock chest hair.

Something about this photo just says “step into my office and let me solve all of your problems for you.”

It takes a special man to look this hot in short shorts.

How about you show us your gadgets, Bond?

Why exactly did Cruise ever take off his Top Gun uniform?

We’d practice our Dirty Dancing any time, anywhere for Mr. Swayze.

We’ll just leave this here.

A young Gere is just the thing to cure the rainy day blues.

What we’d give to know what’s going on in Pitt’s mind in this pic …

Shirts are so overrated.

We love Amal, but Clooney will always be our imaginary husband.

Indiana Jones can wrangle us any time.

The name’s Alive, Sexiest Man Alive.

Astronaut Affleck might just be the best Affleck.

So young, yet so bad (in the best way possible, of course).

Those eyes and that suit? It should come with a warning label, we’re just sayin’.

“All right” doesn’t even begin to cover how this photo makes us feel.

Damon will always be Jason Bourne in our hearts.

Jackman has maybe gone to the gym, like, a couple times.

He cleans up nice, to say the least.

Need to take a vacation? Short-term solution: Look at this photo over and over again.

One word: magical.

This just in: There’s something really, really sexy about a plain white tee.

God of thunder and of our hearts.

It’s impossible to pick the sexiest photo ever of Becks because every photo of him is the sexiest photo ever of Becks.

It’s a tough choice between the workout selfies and cute dad pics, but this smiley Baywatch shot is a winner.

A guy + a guitar = the way to our hearts.

Can we just do a whole gallery on him? (Oh wait, we did!)

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