‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Threatens Co-Star Jenelle Evans Amid New Feud: ‘I’m Coming For You’

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kailyn Lowry is coming for co-star Jenelle Evans after she dissed Leah Messner’s daughter. We’ve got her message that she’s ‘coming for’ Jenelle.

Shots fired! Jenelle Evans‘ husband David Eason, 29, called out Leah Messner, 25 for allowing her nine-year-old daughter Aleeah to wear heavy makeup to a cheerleading competition. Now Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry, 26, has jumped to her pal’s defense and is “coming for” Jenelle! Se’s on the warpath, telling Radar Online that “I’m not going to think twice if you talk about their kids. I’m coming for you. Keep kids out of it.” The whole mess started when David commented on an Instagram photo of Leah and her daughter, who was in a cheerleading competition and he thought the girl was overdone with heavy makeup.

He commented “I can’t believe Corey would allow her to wear so much makeup,” referring to baby daddy Corey Simms. David then placed the blame on Leah, later adding, “No she just probably didn’t ask him if it was okay first… I doubt he would allow that.” Kailyn then came hard for Jenelle’s hubby, tweeting “David, take that energy you have on IG & put it towards something else like…. your own kids..” She then added, “Maybe David didn’t learn common sense while locked up, but let’s not stoop to the trashy level of talking about anyone’s kids.”

Jenelle for her part has defended her husband and called out Kailyn for inserting herself into the mess in the first place. She wrote on IG, “David went to Leah’s Instagram account and commented on her daughter’s cheerleading makeup. To me it looks pretty heavy and to my friends it looks pretty heavy. So David was the only one who commented on it, He commented on some cheerleading makeup and you guys are sending him death threats. Do you understand how wrong that is?” Yeah, that is pretty extreme.

After Kail’s tirade, Jenelle took to an IG story where she mocked Kailyn for trying to get attention by going after David. “I think it’s really funny you have to butt it on people’s drama. Like how many times do you have to comment on something that has to do with me? I’m pretty sure my whole rant was about Leah, it was about cheerleading makeup. Didn’t have Kail’s name all over it!” she said with a smirk

Well, Kail has now declared war with her “I’m coming for you” statement so this feud is only going get worse. Maybe we’ll see some more of the bad blood between the ladieswhen Teen Mom 2 returns for season nine on Monday, May 7 on MTV.

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