Tamara Beckwith to become a granny at 48

Tamara Beckwith is set to become a grandmother at the ripe old age of 48.

The one-time wild child best getting knitting booties – and fast, because her eldest daughter Anouska, 31, is expecting her first child with long-term partner, trauma therapy worker Luke McSwiney.

And friends say it’s taken Tamara some time to get her head around.

"It’s quite daunting for Tamara. I think she’s still getting used to the idea of being a grandma," an insider told the Daily Mail .

However, Tamara – who fell pregnant with Anouska when she was just 16 – insisted she and her husband Giorgio Veroni can’t wait to be grandparents.

"Giorgio and I are beyond thrilled. Becoming grandparents will be another wonderful chapter in this journey we call life," she said.

The socialite hasn’t always had an easy relationship with her first-born, whose father is William Gerhauser, the son of former Playboy boss Bill Gerhauser.

She dropped out of Cheltenham Ladies College after falling pregnant, although Anouska was raised largely by Tamara’s parents, property tycoon Peter Beckwith and his wife Paula.

Anouska once branded her ‘high-maintenance’, and made it clear she doesn’t share the same values.

"She likes private planes and fast cars and I think it makes her happy. Money has never interested me; all it does is cause pain and conflict and complications," she once said.

However, Tamara – who previously dated Sylvester Stallone and Charlie Sheen – brushed her views aside, insisting, “How I remember it and how she remembers it are two totally different stories."

"Anouska is a Pisces, so if she is asked a question, she will answer. And she also doesn’t have the experience of doing so many interviews. Luckily, she’s got a very understanding and sweet and kind, compassionate mother," she told the Evening Standard.

The ex party girl also has daughter Violet, nine, and son Vero, four, with Giorgio and said that despite being close to Anouska, she sees more of herself in Violet.

“[Anouska] calls me at least three times a day — we’re probably a bit too close because she doesn’t have a lovely dad like my little one does so if she’s feeling a bit pissed off with life, I’m the punching bag.

“Anouska doesn’t like being in trouble, [whereas] I didn’t care as long as the fun outweighed the trouble. I have a feeling Vivi is much more like that — she has got a much more wild personality… she is 10 foot tall and bulletproof because everything revolves around her in our house.”

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