Sublime To Release Graphic Novel In Partnership With Z2 Comics

Z2 Comics has announced that a new graphic novel about the Long Beach reggae rock/ska punk band Sublime will be released in June.

The book, titled “Sublime: $5 at the Door,” is described as a “heartfelt anthology” and “Xanadu meets Superbad.”

“When you grow up in SoCal like I did, Sublime’s music is this powerful background radiation, permeating the culture. You hear it everywhere,” says Ryan Cady, who co-wrote the 120-page novel.

“I saw these guys like neighbors,” he added. “As I research the human moments underneath their phenomenon with [drummer] Bud [Gaugh] and [bassist] Eric [Wilson], I get to share that feeling with everyone who picks up the book.”

The publishers said that those who pre-order the book before February 15 will receive a special sublime art print by the first week of March.

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