Stormy Daniels In Handcuffs & Police Van After Being Arrested — Watch Shocking New Bodycam Video

Stormy Daniels’ arrest at Sirens nightclub in Ohio on July 12 was caught on camera in a newly released shocking police bodycam video and it shows exactly what happened on the controversial night.

Stormy Daniels‘ shocking arrest after she performed at Sirens Nightclub in Columbus, OH is now being shown in newly released bodycam footage and it features the stripper being put in handcuffs and being escorted into the police van. During the arrest, which happened outside, Stormy can be seen with her bodyguard when police escorted her out next to their police van and told her they were going to put handcuffs on her. The 40-year-old stripper appeared to be calm and let them do their job before they then opened the back doors of the van and asked her to get inside and sit down, which she does without hesitation. At that moment, Stormy’s bodyguard can be heard speaking with police and insisting that they let him sit in there with her on the ride to the police station but the officers refused stating that it’s against their policy. SEE THE VIDEO OF STORMY’S ARREST HERE.

The footage then goes on to show a police officer sitting in the van with Stormy and explaining that she was arrested because it is illegal to touch patrons in a sexual way in a business unless they’re related. The stripper allegedly smacked three undercover police offers with her bare breasts while in the club during her performance. Stormy can then be seen being brought into the station where she lifted up her shirt to a detective to show off some of the tattoos in her stomach area. After being charged with three misdemeanors, the case was dropped because she doesn’t perform regularly in the state of Ohio. In addition to Stormy’s arrest, two other strippers, Brittany Walters and Miranda Panda, were also arrested on similar charges but their cases were dropped as well.

The controversial arrest has many believing that Stormy was set up because of her association with President Donald Trump and the sex scandal and lawsuit surrounding them. After spending five-and-a-half hours at the police station, Stormy was released on bond. Michael J. Avenetti, her lawyer, insists the arrest was indeed part of a politically motivated plan by cops who support Donald. Stormy didn’t let her arrest stop her from working. She took to Instagram the day after her arrest to show off a video of her walking back on a stage to perform.

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