Stars In Their Eyes’ Matthew Kelly admits he was ‘nearly killed’ in freak set accident

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Matthew Kelly, 71, has opened up about being nearly killed on set by a disco ball. The Stars In Their Eyes host had to be evacuated from the studio as a result.

The incident occurred during filming of the karaoke competition.
It happened as the presenter was approaching the stage, just before a contestant was about to perform.
Matthew recalled how the ball dropped as he was walking and “smashed into a million pieces.”
He joked about how the headlines would have penned the incident the following day.

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The TV legend said: “As I stepped on to stage, this giant mirror ball fell from the ceiling and smashed into a million pieces at exactly the spot where I would have been standing two seconds later.”
Matthew said that it “would have killed him” and that everyone had to be evacuated.
“I said, imagine the papers the next day: ‘Matthew Kelly killed in terrible glitterball tragedy.
“’It’s the way he would have wanted to go.’”

But the TV star reportedly got told off for finding the funny side in the situation.
“I got told off for laughing because health and safety went mental.”
“I thought it was hilarious,” he told the My Time Capsule Podcast yesterday.
He added that he loved hosting the series, which he did from 1993-2004.

Matthew Kelly was most well-known for presenting Stars In Their Eyes, but also hosted other entertainment shows, such as Game For a Laugh and You Bet!
The show featured people from various walks of life transforming into their favourite singers and having their dreams come true in a special performance.
The series ended in 2006 after 16 years with the former presenter making a rare public appearance alongside Alan Titchmarsh on Love Your Weekend earlier this year, in January.
The show is remembered for its iconic line: “Tonight Matthew, I am going to be…” which contestants would say before their transformation.

After he left Stars In Their Eyes, Matthew decided to pursue a career on stage.
In 2004 he won an Olivier award for portraying Lennie in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.
His most recent stage role was in Alan Bennett’s The Habit of Art as Fitz.
Talking of his TV future, Matthew admitted he is scared he will never work on screen again.

He told The Mirror in September 2020: “My time with that [television] has gone. Of course.
“They’ve run all the Stars In [Their] Eyes on Challenge and Dave.
“They ran it dry, so the viewers know who the contestants are going to be now.
“It is like ‘We know who you were going to be – and you weren’t any good.’”

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