‘Spent a lot of time together!’ Richard Hammond dismisses ‘tension’ with Jeremy and James

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Richard Hammond has shared some insight into working with his co-stars on The Grand Tour. The star opened up about his connection with James May and Jeremy Clarkson in an exclusive chat with Express.co.uk.

The Grand Tour is about to return with its latest special titled Carnage A Trois.

The show will once again be back on Amazon Prime Video as Richard, Jeremy and James reunite.

However, when quizzed on whether there’s ever any “tension” as the group get filming, Richard admitted there isn’t.

He explained of their dynamic: “There’s always a moment, a first moment on any of these trips, when the cameras are set up, directors call to action, and it’s like we’re stepping back into a world that’s been there all the time.

“But we’ve not been away from it.

“It just immediately picks up because we’ve worked together in so many different circumstances.

“And we’ve done live shows together and we spent a lot of time together.”

Richard even went on to admit they’ve spent so much time with each other, that he kind of knows what they’ll say next.

The presenter added: “You kind of know what each other is going to say.

“I know if something happens and I throw in a line and kind of can anticipate where they’ll go with it, and vice versa.

“It’s great because it means it’s a strength and we can work together more easily.”

The trio first began working together back in 2002 when Richard joined the Top Gear line-up.

This was the star’s first big break after beginning his career on satellite TV.

However, Richard has previously revealed how he met Jeremy and James before appearing on the BBC show.

When working as a PR for Renault, he used to approach James at events.

“I’ll be honest I used to make a beeline for him,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live host Nihal Arthanayake.

“We had a great time.”

He then added how while James knew him, Jeremy didn’t recognise him much.

Richard explained: “James did, but I didn’t host Jeremy that much.

“We sort of crossed over because he wasn’t doing Top Gear in the period when I was at Renault, so I didn’t really have a cause to meet him.

“Whereas James was doing Driven and shows like that. It’s a small world you see.”

The Grand Tour returns soon on Amazon Prime Video.

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