Some Kardashian Fans Are Convinced Mason Has a New Secret IG and That He Leaked Kylie's Son's Name

Today in Kardashian Konspiracy Theories, there are some people on the internet who believe they know the new name Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have given their son and are pretty convinced that intel came courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian’s oldest son, Mason Disick, via his (not-so) secret Instagram account. Seriously.

According to this theory, Mason has been leaking KarJenner secrets on Instagram, where his alleged alias is @mr_angel.j (the person behind the accounts also has a Twitter and TikTok that believers of the theory think belong to Mason) and he’s down to just answer fans’ burning questions about family secrets, which brings us to the rumor about Kylie’s son’s name. The Maybe Mason account claims that Kylie and Travis have renamed their son Knight Jacques Webster (they initially revealed they had named their son Wolf, but not long after, they announced they were changing his name because Wolf just didn’t suit him).

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To be clear: There is zero evidence to prove that the person behind the accounts is actually Mason, but there *are* plenty of fans who are feeling invested in the rumored name. The alleged first name, Knight, would pair perfectly with Stormi, ofc, and Jacques would make sense as a middle name, as a nod to Travis Scott’s real name, Jacques Bermon Webster II.

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