So, Looks Like Kim Kardashian Definitely Photoshopped Her Instagram Official Pic with Pete Davidson

If you would like to see what dedication to an aesthetic looks like, please turn your attention to Kim Kardashian’s meticulously-curated Instagram grid. Kim is so dedicated to her carefully-cultivated aesthetic, in fact, that she will alter facts of reality to preserve it, when necessary.

Case-in-point: Kim’s recent (and *very* viral) post in which she went Instagram Official with Pete Davidson. You know, this one:

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If you are reading these words, then you are clearly a person with access to the internet, so we assume you’ve already seen the post, but did you notice the very obvious photoshop in the second picture in the gallery (the one with Kim and Pete sitting on the floor together while he leans back and looks up at her)? You know, *this* one:

Did you spot the ‘shop? We’ll give you a second to review the picture in Sherlock mode.

Give up? It’s the carpet. The ENTIRE. CARPET. Kim’s cross-platform followers quickly noticed the edit because Kim also shared the snap in a (now-deleted) tweet and, in that version, the carpet clearly has a prominent, blocky spiral pattern. On Instagram, the same carpet is a solid cream color, leading many fans to speculate that Kim made the edit so the IG version would fit her established aesthetic.

“Kim posted one version of this photo on Instagram and the other on Twitter,” Kardashian fan account kardashianvideo2 captioned a side-by-side look at the pics on IG. “Did Kim change the carpet to match her Instagram feed ✨aesthetic✨ 😂”

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This isn’t a bad theory, considering Kim has gone very much on the record about the work that goes into maintaining her IG aesthetic in the past.

“My Instagram started to get really messy,” she explained in a 2018 interview with Marie Claire. “So I have the help of someone, a friend of mine who helps me filter everything and pick the colors, but it really is a full time job.”

On Twitter, reactions to the photoshopped flooring ranged from genuine confusion to joyous amusement to defensive stan anger that anyone even cares/is talking about the edit:

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