Is Snoop Dogg Blaming Kim Kardashian For Kanye West’s Behavior?: Shocking Message

OH NO! He’s been ragging on Kanye West ever since Ye’ pledged his support for Donald Trump on Twitter. Now, Snoop is bringing Kim Kardashian into it, seemingly putting the blame on her for Ye’s wild actions!

On today’s edition of the blame game, Snoop Dogg, 46, is seemingly pointing the finger at Kim Kardashian, 37, blaming her for Kanye West‘s recent behavior. “The evolution of Jay-Z and Kanye show you how influential your wife can be to your life,” read a quote posted by Snoop on Instagram on April 27. — What does this exactly mean? — While Snoop didn’t elaborate any further, the quote seems to compare Kanye and Jay-Z to one another. The quote also hints that the two rappers’ actions and the kind of people they are today has been influenced and shaped by their wives, Kim and Beyonce, 36.

After Snoop’s cryptic post, fans began to speculate if he was blaming Kim for Kanye’s recent Twitter rants and outspoken behavior. “Facts,” “You got a point, Snoop,” and “Preach!!!” were some of the comments from fans who agreed with Snoop. Another commenter wrote, “Only thing left for Kanye is posting nude pictures of himself on ig……like his wife”. However, Snoop did recieve quite a bit of flack for his bold post.

Many fans hit back at him and even got into arguments with other IG users when defending Yeezy and Kim. A point that dozens of commenters made was the fact that although Kim does back Kanye and doesn’t interfere with his actions, she has stated that she does not have the same beliefs as him. Others even went as far as to say that Snoop had no right to post the quote because it was an attempt to “convince Kanye to cheat on Kim.” That argument came about because many fans pointed out that Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce, something Ye hasn’t done to Kim.

As we previously mentioned, Snoop has been trolling Ye ever since he started going on his infamous Twitter rants in mid-April. He’s been posting memes, parody videos and other things that poke fun at the outspoken rapper following his endorsement of President Donald Trump, 71.

Snoop recently said that Ye’ and Trump “deserve each other,” in an Instagram post which featured a meme of Ye and Kim’s 2014 Vogue cover. However, the rendition of the cover featured Yeezy with his arms around Trump, who is wearing a wedding dress.

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