Shauna Sexton Makes a Great Point About Being Blamed for Ben Affleck's Relapse

Since Ben Affleck checked himself back into rehab last week, speculation over what may have caused Affleck’s latest relapse has run rampant. Unfortunately for the Batman star’s rumored love interest Shauna Sexton, many fans are finding fault with her. But Sexton just clapped back at critics, and she made a solid point in the process. 

On Saturday, one of the 22-year-old Playboy model’s own Instagram followers called her out for allegedly getting the actor-director “thrown into rehab.” And, well, Sexton didn’t take the slight lightly. 

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“It’s so bizarre to me that you follow me and have the energy to come to the comments section strictly to comment something negative. It’s even more bizarre to me that you can somehow correlate someone’s [poor decisions] to anyone other than that person,” Sexton wrote, adding for good measure, “Never drank around or with him for the record.”

Sexton then urged the commenter — and presumably all of her followers — to focus their time on cultivating positivity as opposed to hate.

“Don’t pollute your brain with tabloid and media bullshit. Form an educate opinion on things if you do decide to,” she said. “Love yourself a little harder. Radiate kindness. Spread words of encouragement.”

The keyboard warrior lobbing judgment at Sexton apparently wasn’t keen on letting it go, though, and opted instead to bring up alcohol-related issues in the model’s past. But Sexton had a smart, measured response for that, too.

“I love to drink and party! Absolutely dud. Most 22 year olds do,” she admitted, fessing up to two separate occasions in which she was placed in the “drunk tank” (one of which was the night of her 21st birthday).

“Do those mistakes define me? No, stupid miniscule shit I learned from. Do these mistakes mean that I am human? Yes. Do these mistakes mean I would disrespect someone’s hard earned sobriety by drinking with them or in front of them? Hell no. I have limitless respect [for] people who have the humility and maturity to admit when they need to fix something in their life. I have even more respect for those who take action and actually do something about it,” she wrote.

Still, Sexton pointed out, Affleck’s relapse wouldn’t have been her fault even if she had been drinking around him. Of the “grown ass man,” she said, “He makes his own decisions. Blaming a 22 year old for someone’s 3rd time in rehab is just ridiculous.”

In other words, random internet troll, please take all the seats.

Sexton has likely been inundated with negative attention since news first broke that she and Affleck may be romantically involved. If you ask us, though, she seems to be handling the entire ordeal with impressive grace.

The model signed out of the argument with a simple suggestion: practice empathy. “[Affleck] is human. I am human. You are human,” she wrote. “We are all going to fuck up, it’s just a matter of learning from it. Don’t be so quick to throw shade on people. Take a step back, accept that we are all on our own journey, and be a little less critical.”

If Sexton is in Affleck’ life — in whatever capacity it may be — she’s in good company. Another strong, outspoken female, Jennifer Garner, reportedly staged the intervention responsible for getting her ex-husband the help that he needs.

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