Scarlett Moffatt hits back as mum-shaming trolls attack her baby’s appearance

Scarlett Moffatt announces she’s pregnant

Scarlett Moffatt proudly uploaded photos of her baby boy Jude wearing his latest cute outfit, but it turned out not everyone was as enthused as she was as she was trolled for turning the eight-week-old into a “fashionista”.

However, the Channel 4 star wasn’t about to take the criticism lying down, hitting back at mum-shamers on Instagram as she insisted he was wearing “soft crib shoes” and not “trainers”.

She’d originally taken to Instagram to share photos of herself and family at her grandmother’s epic 70th birthday celebrations.

“How do I have a 2 month old baby already!?” Scarlett quizzed as she shared a picture of him in ribbed trousers, a chic-looking buttoned denim jacket and a pair of Nike shoes.

The 32-year-old Gogglebox face added in view of her 2.4 million followers: “Spending the whole weekend with my family for my Nanny’s 70th. We played bingo, did quizzes, ate burnt sausages from the BBQ – it was perfectly imperfect. We’ve all laughed from start to finish & Jude even went in a pool for the first time!”

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The outfit looked comfortable and cute, but it appeared to spark concern among some fans, who took to their keyboards to share their thoughts.

“Even when he starts to cruise around furniture he should be bare foot or in padder. Not a fashionista……does not need to be a fashion baby! Care of feet are so vitally important,” (sic) wrote one follower.

Another chimed in: “Beautiful picture but please don’t put shoes on a two month old baby. At that age they should only be wearing socks or babygro’s.” (sic)

A third blasted: “Why do people feel the need to put shoes on a baby that young? We are forced to wear shoes for the rest of our lives from a certain age. Why make them wear them now? Let their toes be free.”

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Scarlett replied to the criticism by stating: “They are soft shoes! They’re Nike crib shoes! I’m not gonna put trainers on my baby.”

The NHS website discusses the issues by advising: “Under the age of 5, children’s feet grow very fast, and it’s important that the bones grow straight. The bones in a baby’s toes are soft at birth. If they’re cramped by tight shoes or socks, they can’t straighten out and grow properly.”

It adds: “Your child won’t need proper shoes until they’re walking on their own. Even then, shoes can be kept for outside walking only, at least at first.”

However, Scarlett has reiterated that her child was wearing “crib shoes” rather than traditional ones.

She experienced another round of “unsolicited mum-shaming” the same day when followers saw that her son was wearing a hat indoors.

Elsewhere, Big Brother star Kate Lawler was having the same issues as fans suggested she was a bad mum for letting two-year-old daughter Noa have a tantrum – but a sympathetic Scarlett took to her post to let her know she relates.

“Jude’s only 8 weeks old and the amount of unsolicited parenting advice I’ve had,” she confided in the comments.

“We were taking him out for a walk and I took a pic before we went and I was bombarded with, ‘You shouldn’t let your baby wear hats indoors’ comments and messages. It’s ridiculous xx.”

Meanwhile, Scarlett received praise from some fans, who told her to ignore the negativity, with @lois.thomas3 declaring: “He is adorable! Ignore the virtue signalling Mum shamers!”

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