Sara Bareilles Got Another Celeb’s Mail & Thought It Was a Prank At First!

Sara Bareilles is opening up about something funny that happened to her this week!

The Grammy-winning singer opened up her mail and found something addressed to actress Sarah Jessica Parker, but she thought someone was pranking her, so she opened up the package.

When Sara opened the package, she realized the gift was actually for SJP!

“To finish a truly bizarre day, Sarah Jessica Parker, I got your mail,” Sara wrote on Instagram Stories along with a photo of the gift from Wolford.

“I didn’t mean to open it… I thought someone was being cute with my name on the address, but it’s really for you. Um, thank you 2020? Happy to send the gorgeous box of goodies wherever you like. Xo,” she added.

Sara has begun work on an exciting comedy series that was created by someone really cool!

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