Rylan quit This Morning because he was working 16-hour work days with no sleep

Rylan Clark-Neal has revealed the real reason why he quit This Morning, and it was all down to his gruelling schedule.

The TV presenter, 31, stepped down from the role in 2017 and hasn't ruled out returning.

At the time he was hosting Big Brother's Big on the Side until late at night and having to wake up early to be on the ITV show the next day.

He told T he Metro : "I was on This Morning pretty much four or five days a week. So it was quite a lot for me to do This Morning, four or five days a week plus the Big Brother 11 o’clock at night five nights a week."

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"People genuinely think you're just on TV for the hour but I'd get to This Morning at half eight and I'd be on air until half 12.

"I'd then drive to Big Brother, get to Big Brother for two, I'm in meetings all day – production meetings, rehearsals, script, then I'll do the show at 11 o’clock, come off air at midnight, go home, you can't go straight to sleep, I’m wired I've just done a show, I ended up getting two hours sleep and then I'm up again in the shower to go to This Morning."

Rylan has occasionally returned as a stand-in presenter and once hosted the show with his husband Dan.

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And he's keeping busy hosting Supermarket Sweep, Strictly Come Dancing spin-off It Takes Two, Ready Steady Cook and his upcoming series, You Are What You Wear.

Rylan recently opened up about the abuse he's received on social media.

The X Factor star said he regularly receives death threats and faces homophobic slurs on  Twitter.

He admitted: "I would love to see a world of social media where everyone was verified to some extent, to the point where you may need some form of ID verification to have an account.

"I think that would really change social media for the better because the people that use social media the right way, it won't affect them but the people that use social media the extreme wrong ways, it will get rid of them, it will eliminate it."

Rylan added: "By all means people, even if they are verified, can still tweet me and say 'Ugh he’s so talentless', that's fine, but when people are saying 'I'm going to come for you and cut your throat' and things like this, would they be saying that if they knew that they were completely traceable because they were a verified account because the platform will have their identification? No I dont think they would."

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