Russian Shelling Video in Ukraine Shows Shocking Civilian Casualties

Reports of civilian casualties in Ukraine are piling up, and now … video footage appears to back up claims that Putin’s Russian army is killing anybody and everybody it come across.

This clip was reportedly shot Sunday morning as Ukrainians were attempting to evacuate ordinary citizens out of the city of Iprin, just outside of Kyiv … when, all of a sudden, they were fired upon by explosive shelling near an exit route along a bridge there.

You can see what appears to a Ukrainian soldier standing near some barricades, talking to people hiding behind a building not too far from him. You can also see some people shuffling along in the open streets behind him.

All seems calm, until seconds later … when when what appears to be a mortar shell and/or a missile flies past him and explodes mere feet away, sending the man flying back.

Moments later, you can see a few bodies laid out in the distance with others rushing over to attend to them, calling for a medic. According to the NYT, at least 4 people were killed in this specific incident … including civilians.

The place is being torn to shreds, and it looks like the Russians aren’t letting anyone escape with ease — especially if they’re firing shell after shell toward the evacuation process … and killing whoever may be unfortunate enough to be in their path.

Frankly, this is just a fraction of the footage that’s out there showing civilians being targeted by the Russians … so, it’s clear they’re not discriminating as they continue to invade.

The question that then poses is … what is the U.S. going to do about it, if anything???

That was asked of Sec. of State Anthony Blinken by CNN’s Jake Tapper this weekend — and while Blinken acknowledged U.S. officials had, in fact, seen credible reports of civilians being wiped out such as in the instance depicted here … all he said is they were documenting it.

Now, he did suggest that cutting off Russian oil and further sanctions could be in play soon in response to all this — but it sounds like the administration still doesn’t want to get directly involved with combat troops … and probably for good reason. That’d lead to WWIII.

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